No one said getting fit in 2017 was going to be easy鈥 but even just a week into the new year, I already felt exhausted. Even though I鈥檇 set myself up for success by splurging on cute new pieces for my聽workout wardrobe聽and reading ALL the trainer鈥檚 tricks for exercise motivation聽I could find, I was still finding it hella difficult to make cardio a priority.


Then I read Gina Tomaine鈥檚 amazing article in Runner鈥檚 World. In this life-changing editorial, Gina describes how meditating while running can tangibly improve your workout. That鈥檚 right: Getting your Zen on during a sweaty treadmill sesh can actually help you achieve your 2017 fitness goals!

Naturally, I thought I would put the idea to the test. I set myself a challenge to do 15 minutes on a treadmill for three days straight, all while practicing meditation. Since I鈥檓 not quite pro enough to attempt self-guided meditation just yet, I thought I would start things off a little easier, with guided meditations using the app Simple Habit (free on iOS聽and Android).


So what happened when I tried meditating while running? I鈥檇 be lying if I said it didn鈥檛 seem a little strange at first. Closing my eyes while running felt weird, and I kept having to force myself to focus on what the instructor was saying instead of my burning hamstrings.

But on the second day of medi-running (yes, I nicknamed it to make it sound cooler), something amazing happened: I actually forgot I was working out! The meditation practice made it ridiculously easy to take my mind off of how much I hate running and focus instead on controlling my breathing and my wandering mind.

Young female holding smart phone and listening music in the gym

Sure, not all the meditations I tried worked quite as well. But it鈥檚 all about finding the right series of guided meditations that work for you. Just be warned: Because meditation can be so all-encompassing, I decided to do my exercises inside instead of running on the street. (AKA I didn鈥檛 want to have to deal with traffic, pedestrians and other hazards while getting my mindfulness on.)

On the whole though, medi-running is definitely staying in my bag of exercise tricks. Heck, I鈥檒l try just about anything to make running suck less.

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