There are very few things that we love more than an ice cold cocktail. But let’s face it, plain old ice is a little bit boring. We love experimenting with different ways to get creative with ice. So naturally, when we stumbled on the Ice Jacket, we knew it would be making an appearance at our next gathering.

It’s a pretty basic concept: Instead of putting ice in your drink, keep your beverages ice cold by encasing the bottles in a layer of ice. It’s like nestling them in an ice bucket, but so much more effective and so much more awesome.

It’s incredibly easy to use. Just insert your bottle onto the base, cover with the sleeve, and fill with water. Freeze and then remove the sleeve to reveal your super cool Ice Jacket.

The coolest part of this product, to us, is the endless possibilities to use it creatively. We love the idea of encasing pretty objects in the ice, making it sparkle with glitter, or dying it with food coloring.

We’re thinking that bringing a couple bottles in Ice Jackets on board the Barbecue Dining Boat might be the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon ;) And we’re pretty sure that all catering services should have these in their repertoire… How fun would these be all dolled up for a wedding?

What do you think about the Ice Jacket? How would you decorate it to make it even more festive? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.