Oh, IKEA. You鈥檙e a renter鈥檚 best friend, a DIYer鈥檚 dream and a first home fixture. Because of that, you鈥檙e also a bit ubiquitous. Everyone loves a good storage footstool or contemporary sofa, but when all of your friends have the same one, it鈥檚 probably time for a change. Fortunately, you don鈥檛 have to get rid of IKEA in order to upgrade your furniture. There are companies out there that make hardware, stickers and slipcovers specifically customized to fit your IKEA faves.

1. PrettyPegs: This company is best known for its customized furniture legs, which bring new life to IKEA tables, sofas, beds and more. If you can鈥檛 get enough of the bright color options, there is even more exciting news. Last month PrettyPegs launched a series of table tops. You can mix and match the legs and tops to create a complementary dinning table to your upgraded IKEA chairs.

2. Superfront: When you want to take that custom IKEA kitchen from 鈥渓ooks affordable鈥 to 鈥渓ooks high-end,鈥 there鈥檚 actually not much to it. Replacing cabinet pulls and knobs is one of the easiest DIY hacks in the book. Superfront has 64 different combinations to choose from that are tailored to fit IKEA鈥檚 most common cabinets. Looking for more furniture legs? They鈥檝e got you covered there too.

3. O鈥檝erlay: Like crown molding or wainscoting, sometimes all you need is a bit of detailing to add elegance to a room. That鈥檚 just what these perfectly-sized O鈥檝erlays do for your dressers, side tables, bed frames and even cribs. Leave them white or paint them a contrasting color to create a look that鈥檚 all yours. We highly recommend checking out the official blog for dozens of ideas, including how to use them on the walls.

4. Bemz: Original upholstery looking a little worn for wear? Bemz recovers a HUGE selection of IKEA sofas, loungers, armchairs, footstools and more with all sorts of stunning textiles. In various cottons and linens and from inspired designers (Marimekko, anyone?!), the problem won鈥檛 be finding one you love鈥 it鈥檒l be narrowing down your favorite.

5. Semihandmade: Just like with furniture, IKEA kitchens make a great first purchase in a new home. But if you鈥檙e a few years down the line and wishing you could upgrade, there鈥檚 no need to start from scratch. These new doors and fronts are custom-made to fit your IKEA system. Plus, if you still prefer to put in some elbow grease, you can order from the DIY series (Shaker pictured) to handle the staining and finishes yourself.

6. Cover Couch: Browsing some of those Bemz covers can seriously break the bank. So if you鈥檙e tied to a budget, this slipcover company may be more up your alley. Many of the same IKEA series are available in a selection of more traditional solids and patterns.


7. Mykea: If graphic prints are more your thing, you鈥檙e gonna love browsing Mykea鈥檚 portfolio. Ranging from intricate sketches to far-out patterns, these vinyl stickers can be applied to many of the IKEA greats.

8. Comfort-Works: This Australian brand doesn鈥檛 just do fabric slipcovers. They can also throw some new bi-cast leather onto your sofas, like the Karlstad and Kivik varieties.


9. PANYL: You had such good intentions for that MALM dresser. Or that MICKE desk. Sooo many possibilities for the BILLY bookcase. But if you just haven鈥檛 gotten around to adding some pizazz to your plain furniture, keep it simple. No paint cans or hard labor is required for these accent colors 鈥 just peel-and-stick vinyl.

10. Knesting: And just in case you haven鈥檛 found the perfect new cover for your favorite sofa, Knesting has some super modern patterns to brighten up your living room. They鈥檙e also doing some adorable cashmere hot water bottle sleeves to make snuggling into the new and improved sleeper sofa extra inviting.

Is your IKEA furniture in need of a fresh slipcover or a hardware upgrade? Tell us your favorite customization in the comments.