With the weather getting warmer (and calling your name), the last thing you want to think about is being in your office, let alone staying productive. But making your workspace uber productive isn鈥檛 just about purging your pen drawer 鈥 after all, a beautiful workspace is a productive workspace. At least, that鈥檚 what the pros say.

If you spend way too much time at your desk, that鈥檚 all the more reason to hang up a motivational printable, swap in those summer office supplies and turn your workspace into a colorful, fun place you actually want to be. And if you鈥檙e already rocking an IKEA desk, it won鈥檛 take much time or money to transform your plain desk into something totally fab. Here are 21 easy IKEA hacks to make your desk and office more functional and stylish.


1. Gold Spray Paint: If you don鈥檛 like the look of something, pull out the spray paint. Instantly make your workspace feel more luxe by painting the legs of the IKEA desk gold or copper. It鈥檚 a super easy DIY that only takes a few minutes, and you can change it up whenever you鈥檙e in the mood for a new color. (via The Everygirl)


2. DIY Mounted Wall Desk: Raise your hand if your craft supplies have completely taken over your desk. Take the storage vertical with a wall-mounted desk and tons of shelves. The shelves can be moved up or down, so you can change it up to fit new needs. Add pops of color to fit your decor by spray painting the brackets or the edges of the shelves. (via The Crafted Life)


3. Minimalist Color Palette: For a more minimal or modern look, paint the legs of your desk black and keep the rest of the room simple with white, black and wood tones. Set up an inspiration board on the wall above your desk and make sure your space is well-lit with a moveable task lamp. (via 79 Ideas)


4. DIY Nordic-Inspired Workspace: If you live in a studio or your bedroom doubles as your home office, differentiate the space with a DIY wood backboard. Mount IKEA鈥檚 drawers and cupboards right onto the wall for tons of storage. If you need color, you can totally paint the drawer fronts. (via Hadas y Cuscus)


5. Butcher Block Desk: Give yourself double the storage by putting a piece of wood on top of two sets of drawers. The thicker the wood, the more expensive your DIY desk will look. Finish off the look with a wall-mounted pinboard and a basket underneath for hiding wires. (via Desire to Inspire)


6. DIY Desk Combo: The desks at IKEA definitely come at a perfect price, but sometimes they鈥檙e lacking that wow factor. Combine an IKEA desk and a laptop table to make one ultra-functional workspace. Give both pieces a coat of gold paint, and you鈥檝e got the desk of your Pinterest dreams. (via Chic Street Style)


7. DIY Kate Spade-Inspired Desk: Every gal needs a little glam in their lives and no one knows how to rock a gold-and-black color palette quite like Kate Spade. Paint the legs of your desk gold, then add black and white striped paper inside the drawers for a fun peekaboo accent. (via Personally Andrea)


8. Inspiration for Days: Use the legs of a sawhorse desk as a sneaky storage space 鈥 keep the clutter hidden away in pretty baskets and boxes. Forget Pinterest; sometimes you just need to have your inspiration out in front of you for real. If you like switching up your art on the daily, mount a wire photo holder with clips for easy swaps and zero nail holes. (via Refinery 29)


9. DIY Kids Desk: When considering materials for your workspace, don鈥檛 knock a good piece of plywood: It鈥檚 cheap and gives the space a warm, natural texture. Hack IKEA鈥檚 bedroom storage by using plywood to hold them together and give the space a more fitted, built-in look. (via Growing Spaces)


10. DIY Modern Desk: Switch the legs off your IKEA desk for something more fashionable. Hairpin legs are modern + feminine, and look stellar when painted a soft pastel color. (via Style Me Pretty)


11. Twice as Nice: Keep your workspace streamlined and stylish with white accessories (hello, faux fur) and a natural wood desktop. All-white everything can be the perfect blank canvas for you to start your brainstorming. (via The Everygirl)


12. Floating Shelves: Use two IKEA STUVA modules as the base of the desk and a sturdy piece of wood as the desktop. Add even more storage with floating shelves above the desk to pile on a few books, framed art or even pegs to keep your bag off the floor. (via Peek it Magazine)


13. DIY Office Desk: Keep it light and bright with lots of gold accents against white, and you鈥檒l be on your way to a super stylish workspace. Add an inspirational quote to get you through those long afternoon work slumps. (via Beauty Ressort)

ikea drawer unit as a desk

14. Multiple Work Stations: Can鈥檛 decide if you want to sew or paint today? Make your desk work double time by using the IKEA ALEX unit to separate the desk into two distinct work stations. (via Welke)

15. Nordic Chic: There鈥檚 a reason Nordic style is on trend 鈥 it just looks so good. Put your desk in a corner for a great way to double your workspace and save room for more fun projects. After all, having a space dedicated to your hobbies is a great way to stay creative.


16. DIY Mid-Century Desk Hack: Blend IKEA鈥檚 Scandi look with a retro mid-century vibe. Pick up a few things from the hardware store and transform your IKEA desk with new legs and a backer board. (via eHow)


17. Full-Length Workspace: Transforming your workspace isn鈥檛 just about finally alphabetizing your file cabinets; it鈥檚 about making it beautiful too. Minimal decor and desk accessories can help maintain an uncluttered mind. (via Sugar &聽Cloth)


18. DIY Color-Blocked Storage聽Top: Even the most minimal workspace can benefit from color-blocked storage drawers and a cozy faux fur seat. Add a tiny bit of gold and a plush faux fur to warm up your space. (via Livet Hemma)

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.15.18 PM

19. DIY Marble Desk Hack: It鈥檚 all about that marble-topped desk in this sleek home office. If you鈥檙e thinking it鈥檚 time to update your desk, use contact paper to DIY your own glam desk, and add gold hardware for a super luxe look. (via Ann Lee)

scandinavian workspace 8_edited-1

20. Shared Workspace: Sharing a workspace or home office can be challenging (especially if you鈥檙e coworkers are your kids!), but you can make it work by giving them their own space and a bank of drawers to fill with art supplies. (via Nalle鈥檚 House)


21. Extra Book Storage: Looking for a creative way to showcase last year鈥檚 reading list? IKEA hacked their own desk with this fun and unexpected DIY. (via Livet Hemma)

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