Life is nothing without a good summer party, but choosing the right decor to suit your party style (and your Instagram following) is no easy feat. Thankfully, our beloved IKEA has come through yet again. If you really want to make your summer party sing, have a gander at our favorite IKEA hosting hacks. Whether you’re a low-maintenance gal looking for quick and easy cuteness or a DIY connoisseur eager to put your crafty prowess on display, these hacks are sure to make you the queen of the summer hosting scene.


1. Beautified Bar Cart: Hello, pretty! This metallic wonder makes drinks look even better than they taste. The pastel tassels paired with the metallic details give this look a whimsical yet sophisticated vibe. (via Twinspiration)

Dyed napkins

2. High-End Tie-Dye: Forgo plain white napkins in favor of this DIY dye trick. Your clean-up cloths will go from drab to dashing in no time at all. (via Erika Rax)


3. Sprinkle Bar: What pairs better with summer than ice cream? Nothing. Nothing at all. Give your tasty treats the royal treatment they deserve with this sweet sprinkle bar. (via Sugar and Cloth)


4. Beer Chest: Beer doesn’t exactly have a sophisticated reputation, but dressed up in this repurposed IKEA chest, it can be as fancy as Champagne cocktails. We’ll take this beauty over a Styrofoam cooler any day of the week. (via IKEA Hackers)


5. Corked Coasters: These plain cork coasters were begging for some DIY magic. Impress your partygoers with your crafty skills by applying fresh summer hues in geometric patterns. (via IKEA)


6. Slick Signage: This frame is the ultimate in swanky fresh. Paint it pretty and tell all of your invitees to put on their fancy pants to match this lovely aesthetic. (via Loulou and Jones)


7. Sweet Treats: As any DIYer well knows, presentation is everything. Step up your party game tenfold with this easy hack — all you need are dishes, epoxy glue and the will to beautify. (via IKEA Hacks)


8. Cupcake Stand: If you’re pressed for time but don’t want to sacrifice style, we have you covered. This is complete cupcake cuteness in 60 seconds or less. (via Paper & Stitch)


9. Ombre Votives: Add a touch of coolness to your summer candle game with these fancy, lacy votives. A bit of spray paint is all you need to make this look your own. (via The House That Lars Built)


10. Dipped Stools: It never ceases to amaze us how transformative a quick coat of paint can be. These lovelies are great for extra summer seating or just for enjoying the fun, decorative details. (via Style Me Pretty)


11. Treated Tray: Line your tray with spiraled rope to soften up your serving style. Add eye-catching dishware to complete the look. (via Dream Green DIY)


12. Vibrant Serveware: These serving utensils look almost good enough to eat. Make your guests swoon with these colorfully dipped details. (via Oh Everything Handmade)

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