Summer entertaining is all about good friends, tasty food, outdoor games and, most importantly, a Pin-worthy theme. And since we always believe in a good par-DIY, we’re here with creative decor ideas that will help you throw one of the best soirees of the season. Scroll on for 11 trendy themes that will have your friends and family coming back for more.

1. Retro Brunch: There’s a reason you’ve been collecting all that kitschy dinnerware. Put it to good use for your bestest of friends this weekend. (via Sugar & Cloth)

2. Ice Cream Party: An ice cream social never goes out of style, especially with all the different varieties available. Even the keto and paleo peeps can indulge with the right brands. (via Demetres)

3. Summer Moon Phases: Get in touch with your astrological calendar and host a full-moon party this season. (via The House That Lars Built)

4. Citrus & Graphic: No theme in mind? Blend graphic stripes with bold citrus colors to create a modern dreamscape. Besides, lemons, oranges, and limes are in full swing this time of year, so why not take advantage of it? (via PMQ for two)

5. Rosé All Day: This one’s kind of like a moving party, only you’re not going anywhere! Make sure you have all the appropriate snacks, or everyone will be too tipsy before sundown. (via Brit + Co)

6. Get Your Grill On: The good old-fashioned BBQ theme is an American classic. Be the first to nail down a date this year. (via Hostess With the Mostess)

7. Pineapple Party Theme: Not only do they make for sensational decor, but you can eat them, drink their juice, and use them as a vase. A better party vessel does not exist. (via Best Friends For Frosting)

8. Fruity Garden Party: Here’s the no-brainer of summer events. Bright and colorful fruit decor is all you need to put this one together. (via Studio DIY)

9. Outdoor Movie Night: You probably haven’t done this since you were a kid, but a movie night outside is the epitome of summer parties. Don’t forget to rig a good sound system; otherwise, you’ll all be crowded around your laptop speakers. (via Becca Bond Photography / Hostess With The Mostess)

10. Queen Bee: Beyoncé is always an appropriate reason to party, but it might be a bit much if you have floor-to-ceiling cutouts. Keep it subtle with these lyrical glasses and a killer soundtrack, of course. (via Brit + Co)

11. Preppy Summer: Use colors and stripes to define the mood. Pinks, oranges, and reds add a stylish backdrop for a warm evening fiesta. (via Raquel Reis Photography / Hostess With The Mostess)

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(Additional reporting by Ariel Garneau)