Love yourself a dozen donuts? A cacophony of cakes? A bucketload of brownies? Us too, and Instagram is one of our favorite sources of sweet inspiration. From amateur bakers to professional cake pop makers, here are 20 Instagram accounts you should probably follow if you love sweets as much as we do.

1. @thecakeblog: Looking for epic cake inspo? Look no further than The Cake Blog. Carrie Sellman definitely knows her way around a sheet of fondant.

2. @trophycupcakes: Described as “confection creators, fun curators & magician of Mmmmm,” Jennifer Shea is definitely on our list of creative bakers to watch.

3. @letmeeatcake: Dessert lovers will fall in love with this ‘gram, which is all about one woman’s love affair with dessert.

4. @chocolatesforever: Love chocolate? Well this Instagram account has made it way easier to see all the chocolate on Instagram in one pretty, well-curated place.

5. @julieskitchen This one is a mix of sweet and savory, and everything is so artfully photographed it might make you reconsider your Insta-strategy. You have one of those, right?

6. @ediblebrooklyn: As you may have deduced, this is Edible Brooklyn‘s account and features the best of the best from eateries in our favorite New York borough.

7. @joythebaker: We super love Joy‘s mixture of beautiful food, candid moments and… cats ;)

8. @topwithcinnamon: Ummm, this chick is 18-years-old. Seriously! And the is an amazing food maker, photographer, braid enthusiast and generally likable girl.

9. @bakerella: If you were part of the cake pop craze, chances are you’ve obsessed over Bakerella‘s mad pop design skills.

10. @bakersroyale_naomi: We love Naomi so much!! And not just because she’s been a contributor on our site ;)

11. @tessa_stylesweetca: Apparently we’ve entered the Brit + Co family section of this roundup, and we couldn’t be prouder. Tessa makes THE most epic cakes we’ve ever seen — learn how she does it by signing up for our Cake Decorating e-class!

12. @howsweeteats: Sometimes you have to chocolate dip your homemade marshmallows, you know?

13. @freutcake: We happen to love Lemonade Cupcakes around here, but Cherry Lemonade? Must. Try. Nowww!

14. @sucreshop: This sweet shop doesn’t make desserts, but they make them way prettier with their sustainable partyware. Oh, and you can totally buy their goods in the B+C Shop!

15. @ambrosiabaking: Swirled frosted cookies? Yes please. We love the color and simplicity in all of Nina’s recipes.

16. @acozykitchen: This is another combination of sweet, savory and all around delicious. This peach pie is perfect for a summery sweet fix.

17. @jenisicecreams: Ice cream with a cult following? For sure. Jeni’s been churning socially responsible ice cream (yes, socially responsible ice cream is a thing) for over a dozen years.

18. @asubtlerevelry: Victoria Hudgins is one of those awesome all-around makers. And it seems like every day in her studio or home is a total party.

19. @annieseats: Healthy strawberry yogurt popsicles? Don’t mind if we do! Check out all of Annie’s delicious creations at Annie’s Eats.

20. @britandco Hello! You should obviously follow us as well. We may not have a new dessert every day, but the ones we have are pretty darn epic thanks to our very own @missjonesbakes.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Share them with us in the comments below.