We hear you, the first day back to work after a long weekend can be a rough one. You have emails to answer, a real life “in” box full of papers that you need to get “out” of your face. And on top of that, your favorite social network, Instagram goes down JUST when you need a distraction. It’s not working, it’s back up, it’s down again — what’s a social media addict to do? Click on our Instagram Survival Guide the next time the social network goes down, that’s what.

1. Breathe.

2. View the Cutest Instagram Animals Here: We have the system hacked, y’all! Just scroll through our roundup of the 20 most epically adorable animals to follow on instagram and you’ll feel better in no time.

3. Check Out Inspo-filled Instagram Accounts Here + Here: Once you’ve reached cute overload, it’s time to get inspired. If you really want your mouth to water, look through photos from some of our favorite food porn stars or…

…if you’re looking for a new beauty routine, check out our post on Instagrammers who offer up Curly Hair Inspo on the daily.

4. Immortalize Your Fave Instagrams in Wood, Paper or Marshmallows: Hopefully your Instas automatically save to your phone after you post them. In that case, get your personal most-liked pix immortalized in wood, printed on marshmallows and other sweet treats and made into beautiful books. You’ll never have to pull down to refresh again!

5. Wear Instagram Glasses: Slip on a pair of Tens to see the world through Instagram-filtered glasses and go to your happy place any time you can’t get your crush’s pix to load.

6. Take Pictures With Real Cameras: No, really, it’s still a thing! Take your oldie but goodie out for a spin, window shop for a new camera (like Lomography’s latest — an instant!) or even use this time to take some new pictures with your smartphone so you’ll be ready to go the second the system is back up, running and ready for maximum likeage.

We’re all kinds of helpful today. First, a cheat sheet to the biggest event in pop culture and now a survival guide for your favorite social network crashing?! You can thank us after you have your 15th cup of coffee.

Celebs, makers, foodies, puppies — what are YOUR favorite types of Instagrams to follow? Sound off below!