Everyone’s obsessed with steamy, dreamy hot cocoa drinks right now, especially when there’s a seasonal infusion of peppermint in the mix. So that makes us all primed for the next trend that’s currently dominating Instagram. From melty mug toppers to peppermint-blended confections, marshmallow treats are bringing on the likes, and with good reason. There’s nothing like a sweet hot chocolate topper to brighten the dark and chilly days of winter. Scroll on for 19 *outrageous* marshmallow treats that will make you feel warm all over by just looking at them.

1. Peppermint Perfect: Every mug of chocolate should be topped with a giant homemade peppermint-marshmallow and candy cane swizzle stick. Go on and give that mug a big stir to spread that minty goodness all around.

2. Frosty Floater: Nothing beats a hot mug of cocoa to come home to after a strenuous day spent playing in the snow. Throw in a few ginger snaps for good measure — you burned a lot of energy on the sledding slopes, so you’ll need the pick-me-up.

3. Star Struck: As if homemade marshmallows are not delicious enough already, this star-spangled treat is decorated with a dark chocolate drizzle. Chocolate lover FTW.

4. On Blitzen: Can Rudolph be far behind? These sweet little mug toppers look just like everyone’s fave reindeers. What a perfect pairing for *Santa’s* cookie platter, hint hint.

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5. Blossoming Marshmallow: These little marshmallow lotus flowers open up like magic when they hit the warm steam of a cocoa mug. Now this is the way to drink hot chocolate!

6. White Hot: What could be better than mini marshmallows in your hot cocoa? Marshmallows dotted with edible gold stars floating on a mug of white chocolate, that’s what.

7. I’ll Have S’more: Yes, s’mores hot chocolate is a thing and you need it in your life right now. Make sure you get a sip off the rim that has a good bit of graham cracker crumble for the full taste sensation.

8. S’more Kisses: No time to heat a mug of chocolate? These little marshmallow bites make a perfect on-the-go treat.

9. Snowman Swimmer: Don’t you wish you could be this little guy, floating in a hot tub of cocoa? Go on and greet the day with a mug of chocolate — and a side of magical daydreaming. It will light up your whole day.

10. Gingerbread & Marshmallow Topper: This is like the winter version of everyone’s fave summer scrollies trend. Lift your mug and let’s have a toast — to all the creative Instababes out there bringing joy to our day.

11. Marshmallow Lollies: There’s nothing like a marshmallow lollipop to make you feel like a kid in a candy store again. But this time, you’ve got your own money and you don’t have to eat all your vegetables before you get a treat.

12. Press Paws: When the four o’clock energy slump hits and you need a break, toss some cute marshmallow pals into your mug of office cocoa. You’ll get a fit of the giggles that will fuel you through the rest of your workday.

13. Make a Wish: This one’s for all the gluten-free folks in the house. A *cake* of GF marshmallows means the birthday girl can have her cake — and eat it too.

14. Funfetti Time: There’s no more tempting combination than marshmallows, dark chocolate and sprinkles. Luckily, there’s portion control built right into these little bites, so go ahead and indulge.

15. He’s Melting: These marshmallow mug toppers make a perfect treat for your coworkers. Bring a tray of these guys into the office and you’ll be everyone’s BFF.

16. Truffle Toppers: Dark chocolate truffles with a sprinkle of jimmies and marshmallow toppers is a magical combo. One bite of this baby, and your tastebuds will be doing the *happy dance.*

17. Star Studded: These star-shaped mug toppers would be perfect for your New Year’s Eve ball-drop viewing party. Tell everyone to arrive wearing jammies and have a laid-back bash.

18. Mint Condition: These homemade marshmallows with peppermint candy crumble are so festive, they’ll make great cookies for Santa’s platter. Time to start a brand new tradition.

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19. Boozy Dunkers: When you’re toasting marshmallows, it’s vital that you put out the flame at just the right moment of caramelization. Have a mug of hot chocolate ready for the dunking. If it’s a mug that’s been spiked with boozy Irish Cream, even better.

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