In February, we celebrate all kinds of love: platonic love, romantic love, and our personal favorite, self-love. And we’re not the only ones. Last year on Valentine’s Day, use of the Instagram hashtag #selflove spiked 180 percent. Here are just six of the many creatives who use Instagram to spread positivity, love, and self-acceptance every damn day.

1. @littlearthlings: Illustrator Natalie Dormady’s minimalist drawings have simple messages that pack a big punch, and they serve as little reminders to her followers and herself that simply being yourself is enough. “Doodling and writing gentle reminders has helped me become more mindful of my inner voice, allowing me to meet negative self talk with compassion and kindness,” she says. “Each of our journeys will be different, and they will take time and patience; just know you are worthy and deserving of your own self-love.”

2. @claudiadoodles: One scroll through Claudia’s feed and you’ll be uplifted by her fun, colorful drawings. A self-taught illustrator, Claudia posts about body positivity, everyday moments, and all forms of love. “My creative practice is a huge part of how I practice self-love… I also try to make illustrations with positive messages, and find that they help me internalize those messages,” she says.

3. @mbajsb: Maya Spencer-Berkeley is a model with a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa. She shares honest accounts showcasing both the highs and lows of living with EB to spread awareness and inspire people to feel comfortable in any skin.

4. @thecaffeinist: As a model and photographer, Amina El Kabbany is no stranger to inspiring others both in front of and behind the camera lens. She shares photos that capture joy and encourages everyone to find their own path. “Self-love looks and feels different for everyone, but I suggest that you start by checking in with your inner child and asking them what they might need to feel loved and nurtured; sometimes the answer is a delicious home-cooked meal, and sometimes the answer looks more like allowing yourself the space to fall into a puddle and cry. Whatever the answer you receive, honor it.”

5. @estherlovesyou: For a daily dose of cute, check out Esther Kim’s pink cartoons featuring a playful rabbit (Esther Bunny) who ignores the haters, faces her fears, and invests in herself. We should all aspire to be Esther Bunny.

6. @k6mil: Social activist Kamil Oshundara is also the Cultural Executive at Jordan Peele’s production company, Monkeypaw. Her work and Instagram are both focused on elevating marginalized voices and empowering others to live gratefully and to their fullest potential. “Loving myself is being myself indefinitely. Giving myself permission to be as expressive as I desire, giving myself space to create, process pain and have pleasure whenever I please. Self-love is surrounding myself with lovers who remind me I matter. That’s my gift to myself today and every day,” she says.

7. @amberibarreche: Amber Ibarreche’s feed is filled with clever plays-on-words of wisdom. “Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow” and “There’s only so much you can do but there’s nothing you can’t do” are just two examples of mantras you should definitely be using. Ibarreche also reminds us that healthy relationships with others are an important component of self-love, saying “I stick with people who pull the magic out of me and not the madness.”

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(Featured photo via @littleearthlings)