Back in April, we wrote about a cool Instagram-inspired project that caught our attention. Called “Instaprint,” the premise was one we could definitely get behind: the old nostalgia of Poloraids combined with the modern day awesomeness of Instagram.

Well, get ready folks — Instaprint is now available to the public and it’s just as amazing as anticipated!

Here’s how it works: first, you’ll have to rent a crew and some Instaprint machines. Then, simply choose a hashtag (#britandcoparty) or a location (@ Brit HQ), and Instaprint will automatically pull all of the Instagram photos that include your tag. They’re printed in real-time using inkless printing technology reminiscent of instant photography. It’s like a photobooth 2.0! also creates an online gallery of photos that you can check out live or keep online to always remember the event.

Why is this so awesome, you ask?

Because every event organizer — brides especially — generally want to have access to ALL photos taken at their event. So, for example, if you’re getting married, this is a one-stop shop to acquiring all of the photos your guests take in real-time, meaning you won’t have to beg for them after the big day.

Currently, the product is only available through a rental service for use at events. We’re hoping that in the future you’ll be able to actually purchase one and install it wherever you like. We could see this being a cool extra in restaurants or retail stores as a great way to encourage check-ins and shares.

Would you rent Instaprint for your next big event or do you wish you could just buy one? Does the Instagram + Poloraid aesthetic make you swoon or would you rather your iPhone pics stay digital? Talk to us in the comments below or let us know over on Twitter.