We know, we know. You’re thinking to yourself, haven’t I seen an iPhone case that doubles a bottle opener before? The answer is yes. But what about a case that opens your beer and keeps track of how many beers you’ve had through a corresponding app? Yeah, that’s what we thought. It’s time for you to meet your new favorite party trick: Intoxicase.

After all, how often do you have a bottle opener when you need one? And is there ever a time you don’t have your phone? Of course, the Intoxicase Plus is so much more than that.

First, the case. Rather than simply being a bottle opener attachment, this bottle opener case opens and closes thanks to a small collapsible mechanism. When you’re done, simply push back the opener and your phone is back to looking fly. (And yes, it’s available for the 5!)

Now, the app. Because we love tracking activities, we were instantly intrigued by the app part of the Intoxicase. From a blood alcohol estimator to automatic bottles-opened counter to a continuous beer log, the metrics in this app are pretty awesome. If only it had a way to automatically detect all those tequila shots…

Naturally, the app also has a social feature. Share your favorite drinking songs, photos from misadventures, and connect directly to Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, and the Intoxicase app will also help you get home! You can drop a pin to wherever you parked if you’re playing designated driver, or you can call a cab directly from the app if you’ve had one too many. An alert will even pop up if the app thinks it’s time for you to call it a night based on consumption. Amazing.

What do you think of Intoxicase? Love or hate the idea of your beers being tallied? Talk to us in the comments below.