Looking for a reason to throw a party but don’t have any weddings, birthdays or holidays coming up? Well, we believe there’s no wrong time to throw a shindig. Any day, any time — we’re totally down. In fact, in the same vein as random holidays like “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” we think you can come up with nearly ANY reason to put together an irresistible fête. With that said, here are a few very serious and somewhat preposterous reasons to throw a party in the middle of the week.

Your bestie got a promotion.

Because it’s International Square Dancing Month!

It’s 70 degrees out.

You scored a bottle of watermelon vodka from the freebie table at your office.

Your pattern-loving BFF finally figured out how to wear leopard print and polka dots at the same time.

Your neighbors are out of town.


The point is, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate on the daily. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at IZZE to turn every night into #FriendsdayNight! Because who needs a “real” reason to party with their BFFs?

1. Set the Scene


Whether you’re creating a backdrop for your cocktail bar, dessert table or photo booth, this is the easiest way to add a riot of color to any scene in a matter of minutes.


Here’s how it’s done: Choose a color scheme that suits your party. Get a few yards of fabric in a range of colors — we got two 3 x 6-foot pieces in five different colors. Cut or tear into strips that are 2-4 inches wide. Tie onto a dowel or curtain rod. You’re almost done!


Use fishing line or nails to hang on the wall, and you’re just about ready for your close-up.

2. DIY Paloma Cocktails FTW


Next up, it’s time to create a signature cocktail. We created a four-step hack on a classic Paloma cocktail by mixing IZZE Sparkling Grapefruit with tequila, lime juice and a little bit of salt!


First, dip the rim of your glass in lime juice, water or a thinned-out simple syrup. Then dip it into your margarita salt. Next, add in a shot of tequila. Then a tablespoon of lime juice. Finish it off by filling your glass with IZZE Sparkling Grapefruit — this replaces the grapefruit juice, sugar and sparkling water in a traditional Paloma recipe.


Top it off with lime, lemon or grapefruit garnishes.


Though we can’t speak to the health benefits of tequila, we can tell you that all IZZE Sparkling Juices are made with 70% fruit juice and do not include added sugars, preservatives or caffeine. So, you can feel good about your sparkling sipper! ;) Cheers!

3. Play on, Playa


Every party needs the perfect playlist. Lucky for you, we’ve created a #FriendsdayNight Party Playlist that’s just waiting to be blasted. Oh, and that Giant Gem Speaker? Get it in the B+C Shop!

And if you don’t have Spotify (get on it!), here is the track listing:

1. Ce Jeu — Yelle

2. Lights — Ellie Goulding

3. Drunk in Love — Beyoncé, Jay-Z

4. Rich Girls — The Virgins

5. I Feel It All — Feist

6. Up Up & Away — Kid Cudi

7. Little Secrets — Passion Pit

8. Burning — The Whitest Boy Alive

9. No Scrubs — TLC

10. Night by Night — Chromeo

11. Dancing On My Own — Robyn

12. Bad Girls — M.I.A.

13. Family Affair — Mary J. Blige

14. Only Girl (in the World) — Rihanna

15. Express Yourself — Madonna

16. Fancy — Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX

17. Womanizer — Britney Spears

18. I Love It — Icona Pop, Charli XCX

4. Stay Hydrated


Don’t forget to stay hydrated, especially if you’re cocktail-ing it up on a weeknight. IZZE Sparkling Water is the latest quench-thirsty refreshment to hit the hydration scene. Forget a boring solo cup of tap water or tumbler of soda water — these bold-flavored bottles of non-boozy bubbly come in Blackberry Pear, Mandarin Lime and Raspberry Watermelon.

5. Nightcap Goodie Bags


And finally, send your guests home with one last cocktail, or one to sip on tomorrow! We packaged up itty bitty bottles of Paloma Basel Tequila, threw in a bottle of IZZE Sparkling Grapefruit and filled with confetti. Use cello bags to keep everything together and tie off with DIY glitter-dipped gift tags. Done and done.


What reason would you use to throw a weeknight party? Share your ideas in the comments!

This post is a collaboration with IZZE.

DIY Production and Styling: Madeline Bachelder

Photography: Kurt Andre:

Models: Alicia Cox (Commerce), Sarah Vogt (Marketing), Krystle Cho (Design)