It’s no secret we love a good party. If cake, beer or party favors are involved you can pretty much always expect to see our pretty faces. But before the fabulous fête must come the invitation. So whether you’re gathering a crew for a birthday shindig, getting married or just writing a note to a buddy, here are 25 gorgeously geometric ways to do so.

1. The Rustic Thistle Blank Stationery ($12): We’re just going to pretend we’re tucked away in a little cabin in the woods writing away on this stationery.

2. Cathedral Invites ($148 ): Classic, but bold. This invitation can also be printed in a neutral color for someone seeking something a little subtler.

3. Triangular Greeting Card ($10): Gah! Triangular notes and envelopes?! We’re in love!

4. All Bases Covered ($18): No matter what you want to say, these cards are sure to help you say it just right.

5. Wedding/Party Invite ($35+): This invite is sensory overload but we’re not complaining one bit.

6. The Lucky Fox Envelopes ($9): Sure, your stationery is a geometric masterpiece. But why stop there?

7. Go Shout Love Cards ($15): Whatever you have to say, say it loud and in style!

8. Tri-ometric Wedding Stationery ($93+): So many triangles. So little time.

9. Black and White Linocut Stationery ($5+): If all this color is getting to your head simplify your senses with this punk-inspired black and white card.

10. Geometric Flat Cards ($9): A little professional, a little fun.

11. Geometric Bohemian Wedding Program ($40): Put your own photos in the triangles to add a personal touch to your invites.

12. Tribal Print Stationery ($12): Triangles, bright colors, polka dots… all next to your name!

13. Geo Custom Invite ($24+): Customize this invite for whatever sort of party you have in mind!

14. Victorian Lady Blank Stationery ($12): A little bit modern, a little bit vintage. It’s safe to say we’re a lot a bit in love.

15. Lined Stationery Note Paper ($12): Because sometimes a postcard just isn’t enough space. Tell your story on this charmingly imperfect page.

16. Modern Triangle Thank You Card ($5): If your thank you notes really can’t wait, these pretty babies are available to download!

17. Bright Geometric Invitation ($31): Hey Lauren, if the party is anything like this invite, we’re crashing!

18. Prism Custom Notecard Set ($15+): Customize this stationery with whatever monochromatic color scheme you like best!

19. Chevron Geometric Printed Postcard Set ($10 ): You don’t need to travel to far away lands to send a friend one of these bad boys.

20. Geometric Mountains Notecard Set ($14): If only there was a rainbow colored mountain range like this geometric masterpiece. A girl can dream right?

21. Foreshadow Press Card Set ($15): Make a lasting impression with these sleek, smart cards.

22. Personalized Flat Note Cards ($24): With a typewriter font and a color scheme straight out of a ’60s kitchen, we’re loving these vintage-inspired flat cards.

23. Little Geometries Cards ($10): We love the combo of color blocking and geometry on this whimsical set of cards.

24. Pastel Wedding Invite ($130+): Soften up bold design with a pastel palette.

25. The Clarus Invite ($1370): Okay so these guys will definitely set you back a pretty penny, but boy are they good lookin’.

Which one of these do you want to scribble all over? We want to hear it!