Here in San Francisco, it’s almost 3pm, which means it’s about that time of day when our morning macchiato buzz has officially sizzled and our attention span is somewhere stuck between the 74 tabs we have open on our browsers and guesstimating how late we’ll be to Happy Hour drinks with our friends tonight. If only we could channel the brainwaves of the great and creative who have made a forever impact on history so we could DO something with these last few hours of our day. Well, now you can.

Or at least you can take a peek at how role model rockstars like Pablo Picasso, Maya Angelou and Mary Flannery O’Connor spent the 24 hours in their days.

These beautiful graphs ain’t just pretty pics, they’re shots of an interactive infographic created by creative marketing agency Distilled that breakdown the daily routines of 26 people famous for their history-changing sparks of creativity.

See when and how long Beethoven ate, slept, exercised and did or did not clock in for that job that paid the bills. Anyone out there considering a shift in career or a full-on exit from their 9 to 5 to live their dreams might get inspired after seeing that only half of these folks worked outside of their passion.

Darwin was into naps, while Dickens looks like he appreciated a party. Tchaikovsky and Vonnegut found time to exercise every day and Kafka worked through the night and slept in the afternoon.

Click through to play around with the interactive infographics to get inspired to spend your days a little more productive — or at least find ammo to get your employer to sign off on your Daily Nap proposal…

Are you surprised with how the greats spent the hours in their days? Might the above inspire you to do something differently with your 24?

(h/t Co.Design)