From black frosting to edible flowers to succulent-inspired towers, we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to wedding cake trends. But every once in a while we stumble upon something so original and stunning (thanks, Instagram!) that it truly takes our breath away. San Francisco’s Jasmine Rae Cakes introduced us to something really swoon-worthy recently with the baker’s organic, almost ethereal designs. With an aesthetic that lands somewhere between flower petals and softly breaking waves, these cakes are sure to be an unforgettable centerpiece of any wedding.

While the cakes evoke a whole range of associations for us — feathers, flames, fabric? — baker Jasmine de Lung says the shapes are actually inspired by dance. “I’ve always been interested in movement in my compositions, but I have started exploring how I can bring more power to the quality of the movements,” she told us. “Right now, I’m generally interested in making cakes with an undulating quality. Sometimes it involves tricky engineering because my material is cake, and [it’s] not something that holds together when suspended. I utilize rice paper or dried fondant pieces to accentuate the movement.”

de Lung has been garnering a lot of attention for her designs, but she thinks the popularity speaks to something deeper than just the public’s love of a pretty pastry. “I believe [this style] has a special power because it’s not simply visually affecting, but rather somatic. We don’t connect simply to a meaning, but more to a feeling sense,” she muses. “I think we empathetically form micro-movements in our own bodies when we see something like this. It’s appealing because it makes us literally feel more alive.”

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