When Bloom2Bloom creative head Whitney Port called out succulents as the bridal flower trend of the year, we might have known the Internet’s obsession with pretty desert plants wouldn’t stop at bouquets. There’s nothing arid about this trend. Succulents are bursting out all over, from wedding fashion to beauty to even… yes, cakes. Desert blooms are choking out the competition — looking at you tropical cakes, edible-flower cakes, and buttercream flower cakes — to become *the* flower cake craze of the year. And baker babes everywhere are getting ever more inventive in creating utterly lifelike sugary folds. Here are 12 succulent cakes taking over Instagram right now.

1. Art Imitates Life: The succulents and cacti are so perfectly piped in realistic shades of butter cream, it’s hard to imagine biting into one of these cupcakes and not getting pricked by a thorn. No worries, it’s all a frosting fantasy.

2. Wedding Theme Inspo: Imagine these muted eggplant purples and sage greens come to life in bridesmaid dresses and wedding decor. This sophisticated palette would be perfect for an evening wedding.

3. Incredible & Edible: No, these aren’t plastic flowers. Lick your phone; you know you want to!

4. Artistic Expression: Not only are these little succulents gorgeous to look at — they’re also vegan-licious.

5. Mini But Mighty: Tiny individual cakes make a giant statement. These would be unique and beautiful as wedding favors.

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6. Eat Dirt!: We’d all happily face plant in THIS *potting soil* that’s made of yummy chocolate cookie crumbs, amirite?

7. Pied Piper: This feed is filled with one gorgeously piped succulent cake after another. Time to get your FOLLOW on!

8. Bloomin’ Delicious: These little cacti springing from edible desert sands are *almost* too sweet to eat — but we’ll happily take on the challenge.

9. Buttercream Artistry: There’s no more beautiful sight to a cake aficionado than these sweet succulents, bursting through a crust of sugar *snow.*

10. Birthday Wish: You know those peeps who prefer the icing to the cake — maybe that’s even you — order up a tray of these for their birthday and they’ll be in buttercream heaven.

11. Wedding Brunch: For that bride who has got the desert cacti theme going, these succulent cupcakes would be the star of the dessert table.

12. Scene Stealer: When you serve up succulent cupcakes at your next event, better place a batch at both ends of the table. You’ll want to avoid the inevitable traffic jam when everyone lines up to get their hands on one of these.

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