We don鈥檛 know about you, but our daily habit of scrolling Instagram drooling over delicious (and beautiful) cakes is one of the best parts of our routine. Don鈥檛 get us wrong 鈥 wedding gowns and photographers are nice sources of inspo too, but we鈥檝e got a major soft spot for anything that combines masterpiece-level artistry with butter and sugar. Scroll through for some of the most breathtaking pics from our favorite bakers to follow, and don鈥檛 be surprised if you find yourself craving a cupcake.

1. Spring Floral Cake: Natasja from Cake Atelier Amsterdam has an incredible knack for combining real florals and sugar flowers on her cakes to great effect. With her beautifully asymmetrical designs and sophisticated color palettes, it鈥檚 no wonder she鈥檚 a favorite at Anthropologie.

2. Succulent Cake: For the couple that really, really embodies #plantlife, this sugar-succulent cake dusted with gold leaf from Sedona Cake Couture is a perfect blend of casual and chic.

3. Baroque Beauty: This Wendy Sugarcraft cake is truly worthy of a royal-style wedding.

4. Marble Masterpiece: For the wabi sabi-loving bride, this incredible cake by Jasmine Rae shows off an effect that鈥檚 somewhere between marble and gorgeously patinated plaster. A hint of metallic keeps it feeling sophisticated.

5. Opposites Attract: A black wedding cake? We鈥檇 never have expected to fall in love with something so unusual, but there鈥檚 no denying that this high-contrast cake by Fleur and Flour is spectacular.

6. Dreamy in Deco: An Art Deco-inspired column-style cake is balanced with more modern touches (hello again, succulents!) on this cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes. It鈥檚 the look of our Gatsby-loving dreams.

7. The Bee鈥檚 Knees: Sunny yellow looks elegant and elevated with the addition of honeycomb-style texturing. This design from Maggie Austin Cake is a sweet treat through and through.

8. Tempting Textures: Going frills-free doesn鈥檛 mean setting for a boring cake. Quite the contrary: CrummbCakes specializes in subtle geometric motifs that lend a modern elegance to all-white cakes.

9. Sea Tale: We鈥檝e seen nautical-themed cakes before, but this one by Lima Cakes is in a class of its own. Delicately piped roping and a smattering of 鈥減earls鈥 make it elegant and artful.

10. Thousand Layer: This cake by Cake Whisperer almost appears to be covered in fabric thanks to its ultra-delicate layers in soft pastel tones.

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