We know it’s so two weeks ago, but we’re still finding inspiration in the style of the Met Gala, and now we want to show you how to rock it yourself. One of our favorite hair moments was sported by the always-beautiful Jessica Alba. The timeless silhouette of her glamorous updo is best described as a retro finger wave meets a Gibson roll. Whatever you describe it as, it’s a stunner.

Follow along as we show you how to create this look yourself. And you can go ahead and add this to your wedding updo pinboard ;)

1. Start with clean, dry hair.

2. Place an extreme side part into your hair using a fine toothed comb. On our model (and awesome Digital Sales Maven) Ashley, we went with the opposite side of Jessica, based on where her hair naturally falls.

3. Use a thermal heat setting spray like Kenra’s Platinum Hot Spray to set curls on top of your head.

4. Starting with the front of your head, section off a piece of hair that is about 2 inches wide and 2 inches deep, then curl towards your face.

5. Secure the curl by pinning with a duckbill clip.

6. Place two more curls in the same direction in the same size sections directly down the beginning of the heavier side of your part. Then for the next row down, curl hair in the opposite direction.

7. Complete this all the way around the head below the top section. You should end up with three rows of curls, with the middle row going in the opposite direction from the top and bottom.

8. Pull the center of your remaining hair into a low pony with a small elastic.

9. Twist hair and place into a bun.

10. Roll up the hair below the bun and secure it on top with a couple bobby pins.

11. Roll back and pin the remaining hair in small sections until all the hair is secure.

12. Getting there!

13. Now that your curls have cooled, pull out all of the duckbill clips.

14. Use a bristle brush to smooth out and shape your curls.

15. Place a duckbill clip into the part of the wave that is on top of your head. As you can see, the curl falls into a C shape. Start to roll the hair back and secure with pins to create a curl structure that blends into your hair.

16. Complete this same process of rolling the hair into shape and pinning until all the remaining hair is now pinned into the updo.

17. To finish off the look on the other side of your hair, make a small pomp and pin in place. Pin up any remaining hair into the same section.

18. Finish off with hairspray.

Ashley is definitely ready for her closeup! :)

What updos or hairstyles have you seen recently that you’d like us to recreate? Talk to us in the comments below.