Summer weather means music festivals,聽like Coachella and all those awesome free summer concerts, are聽just a road trip away. For some of us, that might also coincide with quality time with the kids, but the great debate rages on about whether or not you should bring your children to a music festival (okay鈥 maybe *not* Coachella). Will they have fun? Will you have fun? We asked parenting expert Jo Frost (yes, that Jo Frost!) to weigh in on what to consider if you鈥檙e thinking about bringing them along.


1. Choose the right kind of festival for your family. 鈥淕et savvy to who鈥檚 on at what time, and most importantly, what type of festival it is,鈥 advises Frost. 鈥淵our kids have to be the right age to enjoy it. So if you are going to bring kids, be considerate to their needs being met.鈥 Several festivals have been popping up with kid-focused areas, such as Nextival, a family-oriented festival in Maryland in May. They鈥檒l have a dedicated kids鈥 space, including kid-friendly live music and an interactive play area with everything from puppets to face-painting and聽bouncy houses.

2. Make sure your kids can handle it. 鈥淚f your kids have never done a day out completely or endured a long day and evening back-to-back, they might be very cranky,鈥 Frost points out. 鈥淵oung ones need sleep, and big crowds and an unpredictable and loud day could rock the boat too much.鈥 However, she says, 鈥淥lder kids have more experience and are more likely to regulate themselves.鈥

3. Secure a safe spot. So you鈥檝e decided to take them, now what? Frost stresses to 鈥減ick a safe spot and stay put, preferably near some form of landmark. Older teenagers want the freedom to roam a little, but should be able to find it back to base easily.鈥 She also points out, 鈥淒o not assume one adult has the kids. Take control of being diligent in keeping the kids safe.鈥 That might mean taking turns with your spouse or other adult to ensure that everyone鈥檚 seeing what they want to see and staying safe.


4. Put together a pack and play. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but you鈥檇 be surprised at what parents sometimes forget to bring to something like a music festival. Frost says bringing everything 鈥渇rom coloring books and their favorite gadgets, to necessities like mini first-aid kits, sunblock and Epi-Pens鈥 are important to the entire family鈥檚 good time. 聽If you鈥檙e worried about noise, safety headphones for kids are also popular now, and many cost under $30. Frost also advises to bring 鈥渁 few familiar items for bedtime if you are camping out,鈥 and 鈥渓ots of layered clothes that allow for various weather. Take what you need as if you鈥檙e on vacation.鈥


5. Know the truth behind your personal motivations. 鈥淯nless you really think you have all the above down, and unless you roll in with some private RV or have easy access in and out of these venues, don鈥檛 be selfish and drag your kids to something that is not appropriate for them right now,鈥 Frost stresses. 鈥淜ids grow up fast, and one day you will be able to do something like this together. When that time comes, you will be able to enjoy it that much more!鈥

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