If you swooned over our recent Kate Spade New York-inspired bathrooms and living rooms, we’ve got another series of spaces to feed your preppy designer fix. Today, we’re focused on bedrooms. Imagine waking up to cheery patterns and bright accessories, or, if a more minimalist look is your thing, soft, French-infused decor. Either way your style swings, we’re sure these pretty rooms will leave you wanting to hang out in bed for an extra few minutes of the day.

1. Signature Stripes: Black and white stripes stay true to the quirky aesthetic of the line. A bold area rug like this is the perfect way to achieve the cute, classy look. (via Riches for Rags)

2. Go Soft: Create a relaxing space to drift off in by using pale throws, soft lighting, and a blush accent or two. These decor choices will ensure nothing but the sweetest of dreams. (via The Pink Dream)

3. Dotted Duvet: Your duvet is the focal point of your room. Cover it in big, bold dots for a statement you’ll want to jump into every time you set foot in the room. (via Cut Y Paste)

4. Throw It In: Bring designer style to your room with a few mix-and-match pillows. When it comes to color, the more pink, the better! (via Nous Decor)

5. On the Dot: Looking for something a little more playful? Dotted linens will add delight and whimsy to an otherwise stale space. (via The Rug Seller)

6. All of the Patterns: There’s something unique and unexpected in every Kate Spade New York-inspired look. In this case, a combo of lucite, animal print, and gold accessories creates a space that’s anything but boring. (via Southern Curls and Pearls)

7. Cool Colors: When it comes to KSNY, there’s no shying away from color. To master the style, stick with a palette of rich greens and bold blues for an ensemble that’s both elegantly classic and cool. (via Dimples and Tangles)

8. Light and Bright: Marry blush and white together to instantly turn the aesthetic of your area into something that might as well be out of a KSNY catalogue. (via Southern Charm)

9. Neutrals + Color: Continue to play to the color trend by using vibrantly hued furniture. Whether you’re working with a little tweak or an entire overhaul, the additions are sure to take your room from drab to fab. (via Dream Homes)

10. Statement Seating: Toss in some stylish seating solutions for a quick way to add personality to your plain space. We promise this will be your easiest upgrade yet! (via Knight Moves)

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