Along with dominating the stage, turning out chart-topping pop hits and becoming ever-more politically active, Katy Perry certainly knows how to have fun 鈥 check out her epic Grease-inspired birthday party and Orlando Bloom鈥檚 surprise 40th birthday party for prime examples. Now, she鈥檚 playing a little game with her fans that involves clues, plots twists, chains, disco balls, interactive maps and (eee!) new music.

Katy Perry

Ready to play? Here we go!

First there was the billboard clue (now that鈥檚 totally telling)鈥

馃挋NEW CLUE: FEB 10 馃挋

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Then there was the chained clue (do we spy Katy鈥檚 own ankle chained up?)鈥

Why are we all so chained... #FRIDAYTHE10TH

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That led to the 鈥減lot twist鈥 with the mysterious message 鈥渇ind me鈥 on Katy鈥檚 nails, though it鈥檚 the shimmery, shiny ball you need to be searching for鈥


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From there, we were given a map and told to check out the link in her bio鈥


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The bio link led to an interactive map which shows you chained disco balls around the world. Like this one where we鈥檙e told 鈥淟os Angeles is #chainedtothrhythm鈥濃

Los Angeles is #chainedtotherhythm

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So, what does it all mean?!! From the looks of it, we鈥檙e all about to be chained to Katy Perry鈥檚 new disco-ish music on February 10 and, if you鈥檙e lucky enough, you might even find one of Katy鈥檚 chained disco balls in your very own neighborhood.

So fun! So exciting! Sooo ready for new music!

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