Getting locked out of your apartment, house, or office is a major bummer. We’ve all been there. Do you call your landlord? Make your way to the local locksmith? Not anymore. Just use KeyMe… and never get locked out again!

We first wrote about KeyMe last year. It’s a New-York based kiosk service that aims to solve your lockout problems once and for all. How does it work? You scan your key at the kiosk, and then you can either duplicate it on the spot (in 30 seconds!) or save it to the cloud. If you get locked out again, you just head down to the kiosk and print a key from your saved information. Pretty neat.

But wait… it gets better. KeyMe now has an app and it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. You can digitally scan your keys on your phone, and use the app to order duplicates.

If you live in one of their supported delivery regions, you can get your spare key delivered immediately (within 30-60 minutes). You can also mail order spare keys, for delivery within 3-5 days. Spare keys with just the push of a button? Our lives just got easier.

It’s totally free to store your keys in the cloud, $19.99 to print a key from your saved information at a kiosk, and $3.49 to duplicate a key you have on hand at a kiosk. Mail delivery costs $4.99-$6.99, and same-day delivery costs range from $20-$59.

Did we mention that you can choose from a variety of different designs when you’re ordering a spare? A New York Knicks key? Sure. A bottle opener key? Why not. 3D printed keys?! Duh. That’s right, KeyMe is now offering 3D PRINTED KEYS. The company has teamed up with Shapeways to bring you custom brass and plastic keys in a variety of designs. Check out a selection above.

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