Getting locked out of your home, apartment, or office is an incredibly frustrating experience. Maybe you lost your key, or maybe you know it’s sitting right on the counter inside (where you can’t get to it). Wherever the key is at, it’s not with you, meaning you’re SOL when it comes to getting into your space.

Well, cheer up, key-losing friends! KeyMe is a New-York based kiosk service that aims to end that problem once and for all.

The key-osk (see what we did there?) can either duplicate your existing key in just 30 seconds or save your key in the cloud. This means that if you go to the kiosk today and scan your key, whenever you’re locked out, you can just go to the kiosk and print a new key. It’s free to save your key, $19.99 to print a key from your saved information, and $3.49 to duplicate a key you have on hand.

Oh and did we mention that there are different design options? That’s right, not only can you get back into your locked apartment, but you can look stylish while you’re doing it. They even have a bottle-opening key, if you’re into that kind of thing (we are!).

If you’re worried about security, the KeyMe kiosk requires a fingerprint scan to get your key out of the cloud, basically ensuring that your key will only go to you. As an extra layer of security, it also doesn’t store your address in the system, preventing the key from being matched to your lock, so you can sleep well at night knowing that your key is well-protected.

We’re just incredibly bummed that this is only available in NYC right now and we’re hoping they expand soon… San Francisco seems like a great second location, no?

How much does this beat hiding a key under the mat? How do you prevent the much-feared lockout (other than, you know, remembering your keys)? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.