In this day in age, we know how to take better pictures of our food and can figure out what’s in our food and how to get more out of our food with cool gadgets. But what we didn’t know was how to incorporate our fried chicken into our work day seamlessly. KFC wants you to know that they have it all taken care of with their new Bluetooth Keyboard, now available at select restaurants in Germany.


The paper trays allow you to type without getting your device greasy, which for someone who works constantly is probably a pretty big deal. You’d never miss a text or email message while you’re on your lunch break. We’re crossing our fingers that that KFCs across the world get the upgrade — and maybe Chipotle too!

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.19.13 PM

While it does seem wacky, the technology is actually really cutting edge — the paper tray is one of the thinnest Bluetooth-capable devices out there. Watch the entire mind-boggling yet entrancing video here!

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