Each member of the Kardashian family has their own unique quirks that set them slightly apart from their celeb siblings. When it comes to Khloé, her clean-freak nature is definitely a quirk that she has no problem copping to. In fact, she’s willing to put it right out there and even help us out with some helpful homemaking advice and titillating tidying tips. And now Khloé is taking on the rest of the world to see how she measures up in the neatness-goal game.

Khloe Kardashian

In a post titled, Casa de Koko: A Clean Freak’s Guide to Getting Clean, Khloé challenges the Internet to see who is in fact the queen of clean. “You dolls know I’m insane with keeping my house in order, but I always thought everyone else was as much of a neat freak as me! I looked up what the Internet recommends and found out that maybe I’m just a little bit more fanatical about being clean than I thought. Thank God I have help to keep my home in Khlo-CD shape!!! Read more to see how I stack up against the advice on the web!”

For instance, how often should we clean our sheets? The Internet Says: Once a week. Khloé Says: Every two days. “Obviously, if I’m not in town or not sleeping in my bed I’ll wait a little, but the sheets definitely go in the wash every time after a spray tan.” Okay, so that makes sense. If you’re hefty into the spray tan, it’s probably best to wash your sheets a little more often than your spray tan-nekkid pale-skinned pals.

What about the bathroom? How often should we clean our shower? The Internet Says: Once a month. Seems reasonable. But not for Khloé ! Khloé Says: “I clean my shower every day. But I bleach it like a serial killer would once a week, for sure.” Good lawd, girl!

But even a clean freak like Khloé can miss a thing or two. For instance, how often should you wash out your dishwasher? The Internet Says: Every month. Khloé Says: “What do you mean clean your dishwasher? I’ve never heard of this! OMG. I gotta buy some stuff to clean it! I have to. It makes complete sense. I’m so mad I didn’t know this!!!” Don’t worry, K, we all slip up here and there. *snickers at how nasty her dishwasher must be* JK!

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