Month after month, Kickstarter never fails to deliver on the innovation front. From a beautiful storytelling cookbook to a machine that makes espresso tea, here are 10 projects we’re thinking about funding this month.

1. C&C The Bottle Cutter: Always dreamed of creating our wine bottle tumblers? Bottle cutters have existed for a while, but this one aims to be a cut above the rest. You can cut any diameter bottle, create vases, cups, dishes, and more, with just one little device.

2. Sammy Screamer: Part of BleepBleeps, a family of connected little devices that make parenting easier, Sammy Screamer is a cute movement sensor that’s controlled by your smartphone and lets you keep an eye on all your stuff.

3. Wine Condoms: Not great at keeping track of wine stoppers, and tend to turn a combo of Saran Wrap and a rubber band every time you need to save a bottle of wine? Then these wine condoms are just what the doctor ordered. Bonus, they also work for beer!

4. Hello Ruby: Hot on the heels of Goldiblox taking over the world is Hello Ruby, a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities. So cool!

5. Between Meals: A project for foodies and do-gooders alike, Between Meals is an innovative narrative cookbook created to share the stories and recipes of refugee women living in California. Not only does it empower these women and tell their stories, but you get to learn about incredible culinary traditions you’d never find in your typical cookbook.

6. Geeks and Stitches: This fashion brand is all about using nature inspired elements to create lovely patterns. Why did they make the list? Because how awesome is this mini hoop skirt? The colors RULE.

7. Roispresso: Are you ready for this? It’s tea and espresso… together!

8. Barrel-Aged Sriracha: As if Sriracha wasn’t awesome enough on it’s own, now these folks have gone ahead and aged it in whiskey barrels.

9. Blub, a Modern Retro Tube Lamp: This minimally designed clock takes it’s cues from retro clock styles, making it a stylish desktop or bedside accessory.

10. Icicle Desk Lamp: And finally, a lamp straight from the polar vortex! But really, this is a cool desktop piece.

Have you ever funded a Kickstarter project? How was your experience? Talk to us in the comments below.