As we dive headfirst into November, we’re on the hunt for the freshest innovation on the web. Naturally, we turn to our old friend Kickstarter to get our creative juices flowing. Here are 11 projects currently looking for funding that made us look.

1. Gifpop!: Ready to have your mind blown? This project is a tool to make custom cards from animated gifs, through the magic of lenticular printing. That’s right. An animated gif you can hold in your hand – how cool is that? And for just $12 you can get one of the first gif cards ever, as soon as November 2013. And guess what? It is November 2013 RIGHT NOW! That means that your holiday card ideas may have just got taken up a notch or ten.

2. Nintendo Flask: “Go home, Nintendo — you’re drunk.” This might be the best tagline we’ve ever read, even if it makes no sense at all. As you can see from the photo above, this project is to help produce a line of flasks that look like old school Nintendo games. Awesome! Just $15 will get you your own “Drunk Hunt” flask.

3. Bublcam: We’re all about new ways to capture the world around us, especially all 360 degrees of it. The Bublcam aims to make 360 degree camera technology available to everyone in the form of a lightweight, portable, bubble-shaped camera. Not only can it capture spherical images but video too! And don’t even start on the panoramic opportunities ;) Best of all, the Bublcam has an internal Wifi unit allowing you to live stream and share photos and video seamlessly on the web.

4. LED Stickman Costumes: Remember the best baby costume ever? This dad created a stickman costume for his little one, and the world of costumery forever changed. Well, now he’s selling his wares on Kickstarter! For just $29 you’ll be one of the first to get your own LEDBaby kids costume. And for $45 you can get one for your pet! Or go for the full LED family and pledge $169 for two adult suits and two kid ones. Amazing.

5. BatteryBot: Still in the market for a backup battery charger? Why not get one that looks hilariously cute while it charges your phone? These little BatteryBots are like KidRobot and Mophi had a baby, and we’re totally on board. Pledge $50 to get one of the first 250 hand-numbered BatteryBot editions. Who wants a boring rectangular charger anyway? ;)

6. Hand-Painted Cookie Art: We’re all about supporting the sweet arts. Yes, the sweet arts are a thing and, in this case, they come in the form of Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop! These gorgeous cookies are both decorative and delicious. Sogi has been making all sorts of gorgeous bespoke cookies for companies like Nasty Gal, Free People, and Martha Stewart Weddings, but dreams of opening a bakeshop of her own where she can take her cookie art to the next level.

7. Touch Board: This Arduino-powered project lets you turn touch into sound. It’s a tool to make your projects interactive, responsive, and fun. You can use it to turn any material or surface into a sensor by connecting anything conductive to one of its 12 electrodes. We love the idea of creating a talking alphabet for kids using this along with Electric Paint. So cool!

8. Dress.Up: Hey, remember that time Brit hacked her Jawbone UP to make it more stylish and fashion-friendly? Well, now there’s a whole company for that! Called Dress.Up, this Kickstarter project is creating a line of sleeves that fit snugly over your Jawbone UP and can coordinate with your outfit.

9. Gripstar: This beautiful handcrafted clip claims to be the most versatile one out there. But, what exactly defines a clip? Is it a chip clip? A paper clip? A clip for hanging your clothes? Turns out, this little dude is all of those and more. The key is that it doesn’t ruin whatever it is clipping or whatever it is hanging from. Just stick it right on the wall and twist to remove – that’s it. The gripping mechanism comes in the form of a silver ball, meaning no weird marks left on anything you clip. We’ll have to beta test to be sure we’re behind this one but, if you’re sold, go ahead and pledge $15 to get your own pair of Gripstars as soon as April 2014.

10. Alpha Zoo: This clever and colorful app features all 26 letters of the alphabet remained as quirky animals that come to life through 3D animation and whimsical word play. As each letter is successfully recognized and navigated, a whole world unlocks with the letter’s animal counterpart and tongue twisting rhyme. We love the simplicity of this app and the beautiful visual execution. Definitely worth a download when it comes out!

11. Ostrich Pillow Light: Finally, Ostrich is at it again. We featured this project on the BritList but have to give it a shout-out here as well. It’s a self-described “portable power napping pillow for people on the go.” What more do you need to know?

Have you ever funded anything on Kickstarter? Anything you use on a regular basis? Talk to us in the comments below.