If you’re constantly reaching for paper towels and leftover napkins from last night’s takeout to clean your hands during cooking time, hold up. There’s a better way. The humble tea towel is the friend to chefs and home cooks alike, helping you grab hot pots, clean minor spills and, yes, look pretty darn professional while you make your way through the night’s recipes. But you don’t want to settle for just any old towel. With tons of designs and patterns out there, we’ve got 25 sweet ideas that will help you take your chef’s outfit from blah to béchamel-ready. Snag one before they’re gone; then get cooking!

1. Hampton Stripe Set ($15): These pretty, striped towels will add just the right amount of color pop to your kitchen.

2. Thomas Paul Seafarer Set ($50): A rustic nautical touch to your bubbling pots and pans never hurt.

3. Bunny and Chick Tea Set ($16): Equal parts whimsical and functional, we love the spring vibe of these fuzzy towels that get softer with each wash.

4. Wine Lover Dish Towel ($14): Use this cheeky towel to wipe up wine spills or hold the handles of a pot stewing away with a wine-filled braise.

5. You Cook, I’ll Clean Set ($42): Sounds like a good arrangement to us. Toss one of these at the designated washer for the night so they get the hint.

6. Cityscape Towel ($20): State your city pride with these cartoonish towels. They’re available in several designs representing major US cities.

7. IKEA Elly Set ($4): They may be cheap, but that only means you can feel free to use these light towels to wipe up serious spills. They come in tons of shades to match your kitchen’s color scheme.

8. Fluoro Blotch Tea Towel ($22): Those splotches of bright yellow are perfect for any modern minimalist kitchen.

9. Yes Ma’am and Hey Ya’ll Set ($35): Let your kitchen helpers know who’s boss with the Yes Ma’am towel in place. Having a little more fun in the kitchen with friends? Swap it out for a Hey Y’all.

10. Fuchsia Triangles Cotton Towel ($16): No matter if you’re tackling a sink full of dirty dishes or just wiping off your little mitts, this organic cotton flour sack is ready and waiting to assist you.

11. Coyuchi Diamond Stripe Kitchen Towels ($50): These color-block style towels come in every shade of the rainbow. Order the entire set and switch up your choices every day of the week.

12: Poketo Pyramids Linen Towel ($12): Use these little guys to brighten up your kitchen. No one needs to know if you actually use them to clean.

13. Fallen Quills Dish Towel ($18): A monochromatic towel in shades of yellow, gray and brown add a calm, rustic vibe to your space.

14. 2015 Calendar Tea Towel ($18): For those of your who only carry multtasking tools in your kitchen, there’s a tea towel for you.

15. Mrs. Tea Towel ($20): The pinks, golds, grays, blacks and whites in this pattern take us immediately to Scandinavia.

16. Corner ($24): Come on. How could we resist this fantastically funny towels?

17. Vegetables Towel ($20): This hand sewn and screen printed towel is made with materials exclusively from the US. So we won’t blame you if you save it for your nicer dinner parties.

18. Kitsch Katniss Towel ($9): While we doubt our favorite heroine ever spent time worrying over keeping her outfits clean while cooking, we still love the painted arrow pattern on this towel.

19. Claudia Pearson Brooklyn Towel ($16): Represent all things homemade, pickled, whiskey-filled and ironic with this Williamsburg-inspired number.

20. Plus Print Towel ($24): This hand-drawn design is perfect for a minimalist kitchen decked out in black and white.

21. Darling Dachshund Dishtowel: Celebrate your canine buddy — who, let’s be real, probably licks up most of the messes you’re making anyway — with this funky kitchen accessory.

22. William Carlos Williams Towel ($14): This is just to say… you should probably snag this as a gift for any of your literary, poetry-loving friends.

23. Vertical Strokes Towel ($15): Sure, you could use these in your kitchen, but we also think they’d make a lovely wrapping for a gift, especially one where food is involved.

24. Claudia Pearson Brownstone Towel ($16): Get some funky architecture into your kitchen without doing a total remodel. The sunny, cheerful colors are sure to brighten up any space.

25. Marker Stencil Tea Towel Kit ($26): Don’t like any of the patterns you see here? Design your own with this insanely cute kit from our shop!

Ready to get cooking? Which of these towels are your favorite? Talk to us below!