Hello there DIY-ers who are Brit Kits-curious! ;) Our latest installment of Brit Kits is one that lends itself to tons of customization and guess what one of the tools is? Sunlight. For real! We teamed up with Inkodye to create this clever kit, which would also make for an awesome Easter project or Mother’s Day present. And if you missed out on the subscription, you know we’ve got your back. Grab one in the shop for $24.99. Now, about that kit!

Each kit contains:
 – two white tea towels

– foam brush

– X-acto knife

– Lumi Inkodye

– printed templates

We fell in love with Inkodye almost two years ago now, and have been collaborating ever since.

Now, how does this kit come together? First, you cut out the stencils. Then paint a section of your towel with Inkodye. Place your stencil over the painted part of the towel, then leave in the sun for at least 30 minutes. Boom! You’ve got a dyed towel. For more details on the process, head to the tutorial that inspired this kit.

And, even though we provide stencils, there are so many ways you can try personalizing your pair of tea towels. Try writing on a piece of plexiglas and making a stencil out of that. Or taking objects like feathers or keys and placing them over a painted area. It’s fun to try experimenting with a few different methods before settling on one.

We do love this geometric shapes!

What designs will you create with your Inkodye Tea Towels kit? Tell us in the comments below.

If you have any questions about your subscription, shoot a note to support@brit.co. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, get on it! ;)