We love finding ways to bring personality into the smallest details of our home, right down to the tea towels. These 17 designs have a project for every skill and energy level, so you can impress your friends with your Martha-level homemaking… or you can buy them and pretend you made them. We won’t tell.

1. Limone Printed Towel: Learn to print your own towels, and the opportunities are endless. We envision pairing this Limone design with “Cioccolato” and “Vino.” (via Pearls and Scissors)

2. Word Search Tea Towel: We’re Scrabble and Words with Friends fiends, so we just about squealed when we saw this design. We’ll try to keep our competitive side in check now. (via Ruffled)

3. Neon Polka Dot Tea Towels: We loved these so much, we’re posting them twice! Armed with neon puff paint and a stencil, even a first-grader could guarantee these towels are a home run. (via Oh My Handmade Goodness)

4. Printed Dish Towels: You come out of this tutorial not only with super cute, one-of-a-kind tea towels, but with hella-easy DIY stamps. (via Design Mom)

5. Stamped Tea Towels: Not quite up to cutting your own stamps yet? No worries, Sarah shows us a store-bought version too. (via Sarah Hearts)

6. Art Tea Towels: This is way better than just sticking your kid’s drawing up on the fridge. (P.S. These would make a great gift for Grandma.) (via Setting for Four)

7. Vintage Tea Towels: Get inspired to tackle those decorative stitches on your sewing machine! We were intimidated at first too, but once you set the stitch, all you have to do is follow a straight line! (via The Purl Bee)

8. Geo Hand-Printed Tea Towels: We place this tutorial at the intermediate level, cause it’s another one that calls for cutting your own stamps, but the circles are made from potatoes. Just don’t eat them for dinner afterward, k? (via Tuts+)

9. Silhouette Tea Towels: Make your own iron-on stencil with freezer paper. It’ll save you from worrying about painting outside the lines. (via Cottage and Vine)

10. Hand-Cut Stamped Tea Towels: We are now officially expert stamp cutters. We might even host a class on it in the future. High-five to Mollie Makes for figuring out the hair dryer shortcut for drying time. (via Mollie Makes)

11. Hand-Painted Linen Kitchen Towels: We love that these tea towels look elegant and grown-up, but they’re simple enough for the craft-illiterate. (via Jenny Steffens)

12. Neon Patterned Tea Towels: We dug the clean simplicity of #7 so much, we made our own Brit-approved neon version! (via Brit + Co.)

13. Stenciled Tea Towels: We’re all about no-fail projects like this, especially when they include glittery gold craft paint. (via Lovely Indeed)

14. Ric-Rac Tea Towels: Word of warning: This project requires a sewing machine, but it’s still nice and simple if you’re a beginner. Plus, you can make it out of fabric scraps from your last project. (via A Spoonful of Sugar)

15. Honeycomb Dish Towel: We love honey in our tea, so why not on our towels too? The pop of yellow will brighten up your kitchen on a rainy day. (via Little Miss Momma)

16. Bleached Indigo Tea Towels: Start with a colored towel, and use plain old bleach to embellish. No need to run to the store for supplies. (via Manteiga Derretida)

17. DIY Sharpie Tea Towels: If you can write your name, you can make this towel. (via Cherished Bliss)

Which tea towel design do you want to whip up first? Let us know!