Doing dishes is never fun, but you can at least make the chore a bit more enjoyable with a pretty dish towel that will make you smile. We’ve rounded up 18 of our favorites to buy or DIY. No matter how your kitchen is decorated (we’d suggest food-themed artwork), you’ll find one here that will fit you to a tea…or…tee.

1. Proud to Lick Cake Bowls ($20): This is a tea towel we’ll use with pride. Who doesn’t love licking cake bowls?

2. Bubbles Tea Towel ($25): You say bubbles; we polka dots. But whatever you call the pattern, we’re a big fan of this colorful tea towel.

3. Neon Stripe Tea Towels: These tea towels are shockingly easy to make and can be customized to fit your kitchen decor. Plus, it gives you a reason to use all the decorative stitches on your sewing machine. (via Brit + Co)

4. Vino Flour Sack Towel ($12): The simple silhouettes of these wine glasses makes for the perfect tea towel. Can you name which varietal should go in each? Cheers!

5. Morels Tea Towel ($18): Fungi lovers this is the towel for you. Even if you don’t like mushrooms, you can still appreciate the simple pattern and color palette of this dish towel.

6. Neon Polka Dot Tea Towels: Neon and polka dots? We’ll be whipping up a set of these tea towels immediately! (via Oh My Handmade Goodness)

7. Equal But Different Towel ($24): If you’re always forgetting those kitchen conversions, pick up one of these dish towels. You’ll have an easy reference at your fingertips.

8. Paper Tea Towels ($12 each): One of our favorites from our Etsy back to school roundup, these would make a great teacher gift.

9. Happy Cat Tea Towel ($10 each): Simple, colorful, these cat tea towels are right up our alley.

10. Hangry Flour Sack Towel ($10): It’s hilarious, because it’s true.

11. Bike Tea Towel ($9): Whether you get around on two wheels or not, you have to admit this towel is pretty sweet.

12. Tea(m) Towels ($35): Nothing like teamwork to get the dishes done faster!

13. Hand Printed Tea Towel DIY: This simple tutorial can be adapted for tea towels, pillow covers, and more. It’s a great way to update vintage linens. (via A Beautiful Mess)

14. Blue Gingham Linen Dish Towel ($15): You can’t go wrong with gingham. This classic print is right at home hanging on a hook in your kitchen.

15. Honeycomb Dish Towel: Use your computer to make a simple hexagon pattern, and then simply stencil it onto a flour sack dish towel. (via Little Miss Momma)

16. Geometric Set ($15): These simple printed tea towels add a touch of geometric flair to your kitchen.

17. Fruit Dish Towels: Sometimes all you need is a small fruit print on your dish towel. We love these simple iron-on ones. (via Rust & Sunshine)

18. Hand-Painted Linen Kitchen Towels: The hardest part of making these painted linen tea towels is getting the tape on straight. After that, they’re a breeze to make! (via Jenny Steffens)

Which of these dish towels is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!