Hangovers are the biggest buzzkill to your long awaited and oh-so-glorious Saturday morning. Maybe that’s why we love our hair of the dog mimosas so much, amiright? But drinks are yummy and parties are fun, so we keep subjecting ourselves to those pounding morning headaches. Social butterflies have developed hangover cures from all over the world in an attempt to defeat this pesky problem, and now there’s a new one to add to the list. Instead of limiting yourself to hangover-free wine to prevent a rough morning, you might be able to keep all cocktail options open by using an ancient herb called kudzu.


When this plant arrived in the US from Japan in the early 1900s, it grew wildly out of control, becoming an infamous invasive plant in the South. While naturalists are working to clear up the negative perceptions of this vine-like plant, herbalists are touting its health benefits.

Believers in the vine say to use kudzu supplements as a remedy for hangovers by taking them prior to your big night out. As with any herbal supplement, though, seek your doctor’s approval first. Instead of kudzu magically reducing your negative reaction to overconsumption, it might prevent you from drinking too much in the first place.


Some studies show that people drink about 20 percent less when taking kudzu supplements. Apparently, it lets you experience all the inhibition lowering, fun-enhancing effects of drinking, but helps prevent you from going overboard. We’re sure your wallet and head will thank you.

In addition to suppressing the desire to drink to excess, there are claims that this antioxidant-containing plant can lower high blood pressure, decrease headaches and relieve menopause symptoms. Basically, if kudzu were a celebrity, it would be in the midst of a Britney-worthy comeback.

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