Hooray for science! Hangover free, healthy(-ier) wine is now totally a thing. Scientists discovered how to isolate the gene associated with the production of yeast, meaning no more hangovers. And they can even increase the amount of resveratrol, the ingredient naturally produced in red grapes that gives wine its cardiovascular benefits. But wait鈥 there鈥檚 more. The scientists can control and improve taste too. We were sold at no more hangover, but we鈥檒l take those extra benefits too. We definitely don鈥檛 mind.


While this wine can save us from hangovers, there are still some other鈥 ahem, concerns, like how after two glasses, we channel our inner Shakira. Not to mention those nights where we just have to pass our phone to our BFF to save us from ourselves. Those consequences are all still very real. So, we鈥檙e not totally out of the woods, but it鈥檚 a start.


Gives us your thoughts: Hangover-free wine, friend or foe?

(h/t Esquire,feature image via image via Universal Studios)