Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts! But if your shorts are a little too short or on the plain side of things, here’s a quick and easy way to add a little more length and pizzazz in a fun, flirty, and feminine way. All you need is lace, shorts, and a sewing machine!

 – shorts

– lace trim

 – fabric scissors

– sewing machine

We hit up Old Navy for the two pairs of shorts we used. You can find similar lace trim at just about any fabric store.

1. Lace Layer: For this one, we added lace trim to the outside of the shorts, all around the hem on each leg.

Line your lace up along the existing seam.

Sew along the edge, all the way around the first leg.

Snip the lace at the ends and sew together. Fold the lace down over your short, and your first leg should look like this.

Repeat with the second leg, and you’re done!

2. Peekaboo Lace: With these, we sewed the lace along the inside seam instead of the outside, giving you just a little lace peekaboo.

Turn your shorts inside out and line up the lace along the seam. This way you’ll still just have one line of stitching showing on the front.

Sew all the way around each leg and snip the lace at the ends. Sew together.


These are perfect for a day on the water, don’t you think?

We paired our shorts with this Helmut Lang Twisted Jersey Sleeveless Top (left) and Cap Sleeve Shirt with Shoulder Zippers (right), courtesy of our friends at Threadflip.

Which pair do you like best? How do you trick out your shorts? Tell us in the comments below!