When the Lammily doll was released last year she came, not with a pink Jeep and mansion, but instead with acne stickers and realistic body proportions. Since day one Lammily’s creator Nickolay Lamm has been all about keeping the doll very much aligned with the life of its owner, so in the spirit of authenticity Lammily has just announced that you can now purchase a “period party pack” for your doll.


Similar to the educational American Girl books we grew up with (anyone else remember The Care and Keeping of You?), the period pack adds a relatable and fun element to learning about this important puberty milestone. In the set you’ll find a pair of panties, 18 resuable pad and liner stickers, a calendar with dot stickers and an education pamphlet that just might make that talk a whole lot easier for a lot of parents.

The colorful, illustrated pamphlet dicusses all the menstration basics like when you might get your period, how long it will last, the difference between tampons and pads and even covers a few period myths that need debunking.


If you’re looking to ditch Barbie for this modern alternative, a Lammily doll costs $25 and the period pack is an extra $10. While you can get your own doll now, the pack isn’t available quite yet. However, if you’re looking to add this to your favorite girl’s holiday goodie bag, it does promise to arrive in time for Christmas and Hanukkah delivery.

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(Photos via Lammily)