Whether you love the intricate design it creates or just want to learn a new DIY skill, getting familiarized with a laser cutter is a great idea for any maker or DIYer. And when you get hooked (we promise, you will) you’ll be glad there’s a cheap and easy-to-use tool that even beginners can work with. It’s called Laser Cube, and it’s the latest tech to bring laser cutting home.

The Laser Cube is a portable laser cutter (coming in at around $200, not bad!) that can engrave wood, leather, bamboo, plastic or even metal. But what takes this from a relatively standard tool to something crazy cool is how its software, hardware and graphics program is completely open source. AKA, totally, 100% free. And you can build the kit at home yourself, adding another fun DIY element to your entire project.

Included in the kit are the frames, control board, axles, laser connectors and safety goggles for building. Sure, it’s a little more work-intensive than if you went, for example, to our maker space ;) but if you want to have a laser cutter all your own, this is a good place to start.

Think of all the adorable engraved things you could make! From bracelets and jewelry to notebooks and wallets, to the phone case above, this is definitely a worthwhile tool for any aspiring maker.

Laser Cube has already reached its goal on Kickstarter, but you can still nab one for a $199 pledge at the time of this writing. Check it out, then let us know what you would use one of these for in *your* home.

Would you rather use an at-home laser cutter like this or go to a maker space? What would you engrave with this cool piece of tech? Tell us below!