Mr. Beam is a little portable laser cutter/engraver, and we have a feeling he’s going to be your next partner in crafting crime. The gadget is being funded right now on Kickstarter, and it’s already more than doubled its goal. Apparently we’re not the only ones who are smitten.

Trust us, laser cutters are super fun, so we’re definitely excited about one that’s finally portable and easy to use. The Kickstarter will fund the project’s final steps of production. This guy has a lot of potential. Here’s all the material you can cut with it:

Did you see that? Chocolate is on the list. Chocolate, people! What can’t it cut? Glass, metal or plywood (but it can engrave plywood).

When you get Mr. Beam in the mail, it comes disassembled… like if Ikea made an engraver. To assemble it, you’ll need an allen key, screwdrivers, a knife and glue. Everything else you need comes in the kit. After you bang and build away, plug Mr. Beam into the wall, connect him to your router, then select a motif or create your own. Once you position your design and chosen material, just hit start!

With Mr. Beam, customization is key. The gadget comes in two sizes: Junior (working area: 11.7″ x 8.5″) and Senior (working area: 23.4″ x 17″). Each has adjustable heights. You can even pick which color you want your Mr. Beam to be! The software will all be open source, making it easily available to everyone. You’ll be able to operate the software from a smartphone or tablet.

We’re just brimming with ideas for Mr. Beam — jewelry, pillowcases, clothes, food, wall art, etc. He’s expected to start shipping in September, so orders will be received by October… are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yup, laser-cut Halloween masks, jack-o-lanterns and more.

What projects do you want to start with Mr. Beam? Let us know in the comments!