You’re putting so much work into your big day, making sure every detail is perfect, and the right invitation is your first chance to set the tone for your wedding. Obvi you need something unique, gorgeous and totally you. We have got you covered with 18 laser cut wedding invites that you can feel confident saying “yes” to. You fell in love with “The One,” and now it’s time to make all your guests fall in love with the invitation.

1. Laser Cut Wood Invites: It’s an invite and party favor in one! We love the idea of using wood instead of paper, and the pop out rings are sure to loved by everyone. (via Classic Wedding Invitations)

2. Up + Away Balloon Laser Cut Wedding Stationary: If Red Bull gives you wings, then surely true love can give you a hot air balloon. (via The Hummingbird Card Company)

3. Stephanie Allin Pop Up Wedding Invitation: Pop up books just graduated from preschool. We can’t get over the awesome effects of the different layers. (via Cutture)

4. Mystic Forest Laser Cut Wrap ($46 and up): You’re into big and bold, so the peacock is totally your spirit animal. The overlay of the feathers against the jewel tone is everything you didn’t know you wanted.

5. Fidelma Designs State Invite: Make sure your guests know where they’re traveling to and declare your state pride with this gorgeous cutout pick. (via Fidelma Designs)

6. Lettered Love Hearts: Declaring your intentions with a conversation heart is an oldie but a goodie. There may have been candy hearts that said “call me” in third grade, but we’re digging this grown up invitation version. (via Classic Wedding Invitations)

7. Commissioned Lovebird Invite: Wedding invite or paper snowflake? The love and detail that went into this design were just forerunners to the love and detail you’re putting into your wedding and your marriage. (via Emily Hogarth)

8. Custom Laser Cut “Love Story” ($6): Have your love story immortalized in this personal invitation. It’s a beautiful invite and an even better keepsake.

9. Laser Cut Woodland Wedding Invitations: You’ve already got your rustic, woodsy wedding planned on Pinterest (us too), and now you need the perfect invite to kick it off. Here you go! (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

10. Great Gatsby Invite: Whether you’re a huge Fitzgerald fan or just want to capitalize on the Art Deco aesthetic, this is a great pick. The design is clean and simple, while still boasting great visual interest. (via Classic Wedding Invitations)

11. Pop Out Church: Sometimes you just need to showcase your ceremony, especially if it’s in a gorgeous locale like the church pictured in this invite. (via Classic Wedding Invitations)

12. “Nautical” Laser Cut Belly Band ($6): Waterfront wedding? Make sure you pay homage to your gorgeous venue with some nautical details. First on the list? This banded invite.

13. Laser Cut Floral Lace ($47 and up): Adding lace to any aspect of your wedding automatically ups the bridal factor — you know the dress you fantasized about as a little girl was lacy and poofy. The delicate overlay on this invite hits the right note without being over-the-top.

14. London Pop Up Wedding Invitation: Remember the opening scene of 101 Dalmations, where the dogs and owners are walking in the London park? This invite achieves that same romantic, whimsical tone. After all, it’s not true love if your canine best bud doesn’t approve. (via Cutture)

15. Enchanted Forest Laser Cut Pocket ($32 and up): This simple, classic invitation design is kicked up a notch with a fauna border. It’s beautiful, but still keeps your eyes focused on the important details.

16. Marfa Desert-Inspired Invites: This custom commission by Southern Fried Paper is the perfect inspo for a modern DIY bride. Make or order a few extras and hang them as decor at your reception. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

17. Laser Cut Rustic Border Invite: We love the casual feel of this invite, punctuated with that little laser cut border. It lets your guests know you appreciate attention to detail, but, after all, it’s really about the party. (via Style Me Pretty)

18. Russian Doll Invite: Just like a Matryoshka doll, each layer of this invite gets impossibly more perfect. We can’t even handle it! (via Cutture)

Are your ready to order some laser cut wedding invitations? Tell us your favorite designs, or send us a pic of the ones you used!