What will you find in these pages? If you’re looking at the book Your House by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, you won’t find any words. Instead you’ll find a complete replica of Eliasson’s house near Copenhagen. As you turn each of the 454 pages a new view of the house is revealed.

Originally designed as a commission from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Your House shows Eliasson’s house in it’s entirety in a cut away. Each page of the book was individually laser cut to create the 3D representation of Eliasson’s home. And each page corresponds to 2.2 cm (or just under 1 inch) of the actual house.

We’re absolutely blown away by the way the negative space of this design creates such a vivid impression of the house. You actually feel like your touring Eliasson’s home as you flip through page by page. You’re just touring the cut-away doll house version.

While we’re sure this design was no easy feat, it would be amazing to see other famous buildings replicated in this manner. Imagine if you could tour Buckingham Palace, the White House, or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters just by opening the pages of a book.

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