Even if you aren’t attending a graduation ceremony over the next few weekends, there’s probably a new grad in your life you’d like to congratulate. Rather than sending the usual card or cash, we’re all about giving grads creative gifts they’ll actually use. Scroll on for 10 last-minute gifts they’ll be sure to get a kick out of.

1. I Don’t Know How To Cook Book ($17): Between all of that studying and essay writing, most college students live on a diet of Cup o’ Noodles and takeout. Your fave grad will love learning to cook with this book of foolproof and delicious recipes.

2. “Naked on the Run” Makeup Palette ($54): Graduating gals will be ready to ditch the bold club makeup for a more neutral look… at least for their nine to five, that is. This all-in-one palette from Urban Decay has everything they’ll need to look polished for those upcoming job interviews.

3. Laptop Pouch ($59): Whether they’re heading into the workforce or getting ready for grad school, this cheerful yellow sleeve will keep their precious laptop safe from peril.

4. “Get Stuff Done” Coffee Mug ($17): Whether they’re applying for internships or starting a new job, the beautiful calligraphy on this mug is sure to inspire any new grad to start making awesome stuff happen.

5. Personal Library Kit ($16): For the budding English teacher or bibliophile, a personal library kit is a fun way to share books with students or friends without the fear of never having them returned.

6. The Change Book: How Things Happen ($17): No doubt new grads are going through a pretty drastic change as they finish a lifelong stint in school to start new careers and livelihoods. This book provides visual explanations of why change happens and how to make sense of it, helping alleviate some of the stress that comes with graduating.

7. iPhone Case ($35): Everyone wants a phone case that is durable enough to keep their phone safe from inevitable accidents, but it can be hard to find one that’s also nice to look at. This gorgeous illustrated case does both jobs, all while showing off the beautiful design of our iPhone.

8. Mobile Air Desk ($98): This lap desk from Slate is an essential accessory for freelancers or those working from home. It allows the comforts of working at a desk from any surface (including your bed!) and is designed to prevent your laptop from overheating.

9. Kate Spade Wallet ($88): Between hours of classes and hitting the bars, we’re sure most college student’s wallets have seen much better days. This bright blue Kate Spade wallet will be hard to lose sight of, and the scalloped edge is too cute for words!

10. Ted Baker Watch ($165): Help your new grads avoid the temptation of checking their phone at their desk with a stylish new watch. This timepiece from Ted Baker would be perfect for business attire or a casual night out.

What are you giving your favorite new grads this year? Let us know in the comments!