The weather’s getting warmer and it’s time to bust out those bikinis and pool floats! No pool party is complete without a fresh cold drink in hand as you and your friends are splashing around or laying out under the summer sun. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Barefoot Refresh Spritzers to give you a how-to on throwing a pool party on the fly.


Barefoot Refresh Spritzers come in a can, which makes them absolutely perfect for spontaneous summer adventures. In this how-to guide, we’ve got everything from simple and quirky DIYs to easy recipes that’ll inspire the cutest and bestest pool party ever.


1. DIY Flower Straws: These easy flower straws make Barefoot Refresh Spritzers the most convenient and cutest summer drink there is. They’re super easy and quick to make in batches, so everyone at the party can top off a can with a little floral fun.


Materials + Tools:
 — tissue paper cut in 2-inch wide strips

— scissors

— double-sided tape

— straws


Cut fringe into the tissue paper strips. Pro tip: You can cut multiple strips at once. Stick a piece of double-sided tape on one end of a fringed piece and stick on a straw. Wrap the fringe a few times around the straw and secure it with another piece of tape. Trim the excess fringe.


Wrap another piece of tissue paper for another layer of fringe.




2. DIY Pool Accessories: You’ll want to look cute while hosting this spontaneous pool shindig. Watercoloring plain white cover-ups and other accessories are way less maintenance than tie-dying, but have the same summer-y effect.


3. Barefoot Refresh Spritzers: These spritzers are a game changer. You can easily tuck these single-serve cans in your cooler, or in your beach bag to go out and about. They’re even great to drink while lounging by the pool. If you decide to move the party to the beach, where glass typically isn’t allowed, these cans are the perfect solution. No corkscrew is required for these Barefoot Refresh Spritzers cans. They also come in four-packs so you and your friends can enjoy them! Let’s be real, it’s like summer in a can.


4. The Best Mexican Corn Recipe: Corn on the cob is always a crowd-pleaser, and this grilled Mexican corn recipe is great for spicing up a typical summer appetizer.


5. Make Sangria: Nothing says summer better than a fresh cold pitcher of sangria. Barefoot Refresh Summer Red Spritzer makes a great base for the ultimate summer beverage. You can even make this recipe poolside! What are you waiting for?


6. Go With the Floaties: Packing your pool with floaties is a no brainer. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome drifting on a pineapple float all day long.


7. Get a Waterproof Camera for Epic Underwater Pics: What’s better than a selfie? Underwater selfies! (Photo via Getty)


8. Remember to Use Sun Protection: It’s the worst when you come back from the pool with a sunburn. Avoid this party foul by slicking SPF on your skin and offering some to your friends. (Photo via Getty)


9. Make an Ice Cream Cake That Won’t Melt: This is the perfect cake to make as you’re throwing together a last-minute summer bash. It takes only a few minutes to prep, so you can work on other things (like making flower straw toppers!) while it bakes.


10. Serve Fruity Ice: Let’s be real, you’re going to be making ice anyway for your sangria, so why not dress up the ice cubes by adding summer fruits in the tray? (Photo via Getty)


11. Wear Playful Sunnies: Make a statement while shielding your eyes from the sun. These springtime flower sunglasses easily transition to summer weather.


12. Make-Over Last Year’s Straw Hat: Add some cute quirkiness to your basic straw hat by adding pom poms to the brim.


13. Stock Up on Towels: Chances are, someone is going to forget to bring a towel. Save the day by offering an extra!


Hooray for summer!

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This post is a collaboration with Barefoot Refresh Spritzers.

Author: Irene Lee