Spring has officially sprung, but you might still be stuck with your winter wardrobe and itching to get some color and fun back into your life. What better way to show your love of all things spring than with a DIY pair of daisy sunglasses?! We’ll have you stepping out in style in no time, and all eyes will definitely be on you with these colorful sunnies!



— round sunglasses

— super glue

— foam sheet


— scissors

— pencil



1. Trace or draw a daisy shape onto your foam sheet with a pencil. You’ll need two daisies per color for each eye of the sunglasses.

2. Cut out the daisies with scissors.

3. Using super glue, glue one side of the foam daisy and attach it to the eye of your sunglasses. Repeat this step for the other eye. Allow the super glue to dry completely before wearing.


Make sure the hole in the middle of your daisy is large enough to see out of.


Foam is a bit tricky to cut, so move slowly to make sure you don’t accidentally cut off any of the petals.


Adhere the daisies to your sunglasses pencil side-down so that your pencil markings don’t show on the outside.


Talk about a pair of cute, statement sunnies!


You’ll definitely be ready for spring in these!


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