Flaunting the rad things we’re doing in life, getting inspired by other rad people, and instantly becoming aware of all that is going on in the world –– social media, you rock our world. Let’s celebrate your sweetness with treats fashioned in your likeness. These fun tech dessert ideas make us want to pin, like, tweet, and comment all at once. #yum

1. Facebook Valentine’s Cookies: You and everyone else on the universe likes getting them — “likes.” Well, take them offline and let someone know that you’re kind of sweet on them in real life too. (via Semi Sweet)

2. Pinterest Cake: Of course, the website where you can make life pretty needs a cake worthy of its good looks, and here it is. (via Mizz Information)

3. Apple Apple Pie: You guys. How could we not pay tribute to the company that made life without apps seem impossible? (via Evil Mad Scientist)

4. Google Cake: The Geek Cake Shop put the rainbow-layer cake to good use when they crafted up this technicolor dream for the original G. (via Geek Cake Shop)

5. Facebook Cake Pops: For FB’s 9th birthday party, Zuck celebrated with the cake of last year… cake pops! (via Sweet Lauren Cakes)

6. Instagrahams: Homemade graham crackers topped with fondant to get a mighty recognizable logo? You better believe that photo is going to garner a lot of double tapping. (via Bakerella)

7. Cookies For Geek: A Russian design company gives these cookies to clients when they stop by the office. We’re wondering if they’d be open to overnighting a few bags to our office. (via Bit Rebels)

8. Angry Birds Macarons: And to the game that started the mobile gaming revolution –– macarons! (via The Cookie Fairy)

9. iPhone Apps: Lots of us tap our big thumbs over these apps every day of our lives. Here they are in a form that you would actually want to put into your mouth. (via Sugary Expression)

10. YouTube: We think this would go down nicely with a handful of video watching care of Brit + Co. (via Nosotros)

11. Wiki Cupcake: We didn’t find all that many nods to Wikipedia out there, but we were excited to see at least one person paid tribute to the place that gives us plenty of food for thought. (via Cakes And Cupcakes Mumbai)

12. Twitter Cupcake: #cute #yumm #cansomeonemakeahashtagcupcake? (via Daily Tech Whip)

13. Social Media Granddaddy: If you really want to celebrate your digital life, this cake covers most of the big guns: Instragram, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest. And to finish it off, there’s a Facebook interior. Likes. (via I Am Baker)

Sweet on social media? Share you fave treats in the comments below!