We like to think of face painting as makeup to the extreme. Sure it takes a little extra time and effort, but we think it’s worth it, especially when you need to stand out at this year’s Halloween party. But we’ve found an artist that really knows how to set herself apart from the crowd… by turning her lips into cartoon characters.

Laura Jenkinson is a UK-based hairstylist and makeup artist with a unique talent for turning her lips into works of art. And no, we’re not just talking gorgeous ombre or the perfect red matte kissers. We’re talking full-on genies, rabbits and cows (oh my!)

Not only is Jenkinson a clearly exceptional illustrator, she’s crazy creative, incorporating her smile, teeth, and pucker into the final result.

Popeye perfects the smirky side smile.

While the Tazmanian Devil’s expression is spot-on.

And, of course, Cookie Monster’s toothless grin is ready to devour some sweets.

We can’t help but be impressed by how much detail she fits into the tiny space between her chin and her nose!? We’re digging it.

And while we’re not sure if we’d be able to pull one of these looks off on our own, we know they’d be the life of any party. Any of these looks would be perfect as a last-minute costume, or tied into a more traditional look. We’ll leave that challenge up to you. For now, we’re going to go play with some eye shadow and try not to make a mess.

Check out more of Jenkinson’s work on her Instagram account.

How would you pull off one of these intricate lip looks? Would you incorporate them into a costume, or let them shine on their own?