Aside from giving us good reason to cook up all sorts of spooky sweets and shop for totally impractical things like a plastic bow and arrow (stay tuned!), one of our favorite parts of Halloween is the makeup. All you really need to take any costume to the next level is the right makeup and face paint, and sometimes the makeup is so good that you can skip the costume all together.

Here are 15 of the hottest Halloween makeup looks from all over the web.

1. Modern Mermaid: Nothing says beauty like taking a cue from Daryl Hannah in Splash or good old Ariel. For the look on the left, be sure to check out our whole roundup of fun braids. And for the look the right, use netted material to get the scaly look! (via Anna Marie and Our Vanity)

2. 8-Bit Low-Res: We said it before and we’ll say it again. This pixelated look is our JAM. (via Gizmodo)

3. Poison Ivy: Channel your fiery villain side by dressing up as Uma Thurman’s portrayal of Poison Ivy. (via Kandee Johnson)

4. Owl: Hoo’s there? Your gorgeous owl face! This definitely takes patience, feathers, and a LOT of eyelash glue. (via Taylor Arts A Bit)

5. Dias de Los Muertos: For a spin on the classic Dias de Los Muertos like, go for a two-face look. (via Misty Spinney)

6. Wicked Witch of the West: I’ll get you my pretties! (via iwanted2c1video)

7. Skeleton Makeup: When in doubt, you can always go for the dead look. This vintage-looking skeleton look won’t freak people out too much. (via LunaBella)

8. Pop Art Makeup: Always wanted to be a piece of modern art? Dot up your face like an old school comic or Lichtenstein painting. (via Anna Marie and Vlamboyant)

9. Pretty Zombie: If you can’t resist dressing up but need to head to the office, go for our subtle and pretty zombie. (via Brit + Co.)

10. David Bowie: Admit it. Ever since you saw Labyrinth as a child you’ve been an avid David Bowie style fan. Recreate his iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bold look this Halloween. (via Kandee Johnson)

11. Embellished Eyes: The key to most Halloween makeup looks is often in the eyes. Love all of these inventive ways of dolling them up. (via Beautylish)

12. Hello Dolly: Speaking of dolling things up, well helloooo dolly! This creepy beautiful look is all about the appearance of hyper color plastic tones. (via Doe Deer Blogazine)

13. Vampire Makeup: As the last installment of Twilight draws near, we’re sure all sorts of Twi-hards will be rocking their Cullen colors. This take is a slightly more traditional one that packs a punch. (via MissChievous)

14. Serious Skeleton Makeup: Going for a more serious skeleton? Let this beautiful pictorial serve as inspiration, and be sure to by lots and lots of white and black face paint. (via My Modern Met)

15. Classic Cleopatra: Ok ok. We know this isn’t exactly a tutorial seeing as we’re showing a still from the actual movie starring Elizabeth Taylor, but honestly, there is no better Cleopatra look out there. (image via io9)

Any Halloween makeup looks you’re dying to try out this year? Favorites from the list above? Talk to us in the comments below.