Lauren Conrad is a woman of many job titles. First came reality star, then fashion designer, then author. While we tend to forget about Lauren’s ventures in literature, she’s actually penned a whopping eight titles already. Some of those are works of fiction, but two of her best known books delve into her style and beauty secrets. So it should come as no surprise that for the newest addition to her collection, she’s chosen to share some tips, tricks and hacks on how to throw a Pinterest-approved party.

lauren conrad book

LC’s newest title, Celebrate, is set to go on sale March 29, 2016, but it’s already available for preorder. Throughout the 304 page book, Lauren shares advice about the basics of party planning. She’s included suggestions for the perfect invitations, food, drinks, decorations and gifts. Additionally, she discusses the ins and outs of throwing parties for a range of different events like baby showers and holiday fêtes. While some celebrity soirees can be admittedly a little bit (okay, totally) lavish, Lauren promises to delve out advice suited for the budget-conscious reader. What exactly that means we’re not exactly sure, but we’re hoping for some expert hacks or quick and easy DIY swaps.

Piggybacking off of this news, we also just found out that Chrissy Teigen’s much-anticipated cookbook is set to be released in February. Make some space on your or coffee tables, people because it looks like 2016 is going to be a big year in celebrity books.

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