Learn How to Hand Letter on Your iPad in the Procreate App With Molly Jacques
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Learn How to Hand Letter on Your iPad in the Procreate App With Molly Jacques

Have you been practicing hand lettering for a while but it’s STILL not coming out the way you want it? Try doing it on your iPad instead!

Psst! Keep reading to pre-register for our upcoming INTRO TO IPAD LETTERING class. You can check out a quick video teaser of the class project as well.

You’ve probably already seen all kinds of iPad lettering designs pop up on Instagram. It’s an art form that’s super popular right now. The perks are that by going digital, it helps you save a TON of time while practicing your lettering skills. Mistakes can be easily undone with a click of a button. And with the Procreate app, you’ll also have more control over how your lettering turns out. Wins all around!


If you enroll early (starting June 27), you’re automatically entered into our class giveaway. You could win:

  • A Procreate Lettering Brush Pack (17 custom brushes) created by Molly. Installation guide included! See all of your awesome brushes HERE.
  • Two Brit + Co classes of your choice!

We’ll pick three winners at random on July 5.

In our upcoming online class, INTRO TO IPAD LETTERING, you’ll learn how to use the Procreate interface to create all kinds of hand-lettered designs. Your final project will be a digital lettering design overlay on a photo of your choice. You’re gonna love sharing all the fun designs you come up with on Instagram!

By the end of this class, you’ll know how to:

  1. Work your way through the Procreate app using various tools and brushes.
  2. Use pre-designed lettering guides to help you practice your lettering skills.
  3. Upload new brushes into the app and create your own custom brush.
  4. Use shortcuts to make designing in the Procreate app super easy.

So here’s the deal: If you PRE-REGISTER for the class today, we’ll notify you when the course is available for purchase. At that time, you’ll also save 25 percent when you enroll, PLUS get access to an exclusive Procreate brush pack created by your awesome instructor Molly Jacques. Any don’t forget all the goodies you could win (see above) by enrolling early.

Need a quick teaser? Check out what you’ll be making in the class. Then, head over to Molly’s Instagram for even more inspo.

Give in to your FOMO. PRE-REGISTER for our awesome online class today!