I鈥檒l be honest 鈥 my love of lettered聽tees has always been a little conflicted. I love the humor of it all, but I always crave a little more individuality 鈥 for myself and for my fave ladies. There鈥檚 no reason that all these unique personalities should fit the same phrase, so that鈥檚 why I decided to make these DIY hand-lettered tees to show you exactly how easy it is to make your own workout tops, bachelorette gear and Sunday brunch wear. Nervous about your lettering skills? Check out Brush Calligraphy and Hand Lettering online classes, built for beginners and perfect for getting your lettering in tip top shape for all sorts of DIYs down the road.



鈥 plain tees/tanks (we got ours at H&M!)

鈥 fabric paint

鈥 paintbrushes

鈥 painter鈥檚 tape

鈥 Sharpie marker

鈥 cardboard


1. Put a piece of cardboard inside your plain tee and tape the neckline to the cardboard to keep it in place.

2. Using lines of tape as your guides, draw in the basic outline of your letters in sharpie.

3. Paint over your sharpie letters in fabric paint.

4. Let dry for four hours before wearing and 72 hours before machine washing inside out.


Grab a few plain tees, tanks, long sleeves and the rest of your supplies, and let鈥檚 get lettering.


I always like to test out some phrases and lettering styles on a piece of paper first. Once you鈥檝e decided on a design for your first tee, fill it with cardboard and tape the neckline in place. Next, place a long strip of tape where you want your first word to sit and pen it in with Sharpie. Note: This does NOT have to be perfect! You can mess up all you want with the Sharpie because you鈥檒l be covering it with fabric paint in just a sec.


Grab your paint and brushes and start following along your Sharpie lines. I always like to start with a thinner line of paint and then thicken it up afterwards. Let the paint dry completely for four hours before use and 72 hours before machine washing inside out.


For this second tank, I wanted to show how you can cover up some not-so-plain shirts too! Just as you did before, write out your phrase in Sharpie before you whip out the paint. To cover this line of printed text, I chose a cursive font, because it will always connect at that bottom line, making it so much easier to hide those pesky printed letters. Add some extra thickness to your painted letters to cover up every bit of the original text. Lastly, we added some skinny letters in Sharpie and repeated these two text lines for a total of four lines.


After your tanks are dry, get your squad together for a workout sesh! B+C鈥檚 Channel Marketer and self-proclaimed candy addict Vic is rockin鈥 the 鈥渃runches and brunches鈥 long-sleeve tee, perfect for all kinds of Sunday morning activities.


DIY Designer and hardcore Beyonc茅 enthusiast Kelly is runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin all the way to some chicken and waffles (fun fact 鈥 this is her actual fave)!


Brand Partnership Planner and hilarious cat mom Paige has her eye on the prize. Hint: It鈥檚 bubbly and delicious and best served with a Benedict.


Visual Designer Marisa is straight up killin鈥 it, from dominating the dance floor in hip-hop class (seriously guys, she鈥檚 a dancing MACHINE) to getting rezzies at the most poppin鈥 spots in town.


How freaking cute are my coworkers?!


2016鈥檚 answer to the Spice Girls has arrived.


All this hard work deserves a mimosa or two, don鈥檛 you think? CHEERS!

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DIY Production and Styling: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Kurt Andre and Brittany Griffin
Models: Victoria Haas, Kelly Bryden, Paige Sager, Marisa Kumtong