It鈥檚 quite possible that in the event of a face-off between all of the meals of the day, brunch would be the winner 鈥 probably by a landslide. From entirely excusable day drinking (hello, there are so many delicious bloody Marys in the world!) to catching up on last night鈥檚 events with your BFFs, there鈥檚 nothing about brunch to hate and everything to love. In order to maximize your weekend morning enjoyment, we鈥檙e sharing the cutest gifts that are perfectly suited for your favorite brunch-lover. Read on, check 鈥檈m out and enjoy.

pineapple bracelet

1. Pineapple Bracelet ($16): Pretty dainty jewelry with a nod to yummy fruit? That spells brunch perfection. Toss this golden piece on as you鈥檙e rushing out the door and you鈥檝e got the only accessory you need for a dazzling brunch.

mas teq

2. Tequila Tee ($24): Because鈥 why not! Margarita, anyone?

polka legging

3. Polka Dot Leggings ($58): Leggings are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever invented. Toss on a flowy tee or pullover, and you鈥檙e all set.

semara caryall

4. Semara Carryall Clutch ($44): Long night? Toss in your keys, phone and some form of payment, and you鈥檝e got everything you need for a fabulous brunch perfectly encased in this gorgeous clutch. It also transitions seamlessly from night to day, just in case your meal turns into an all-day adventure.

sleeping tee

5. Rather Be Sleeping Tee ($28): For when you can鈥檛 possibly conceive of missing out on brunch with your babes, but sleep is still calling you, this tee says it all.

sriracha tee

6. Sriracha Tee ($26): All hail the best condiment on the planet. From breakfast to late-night snacks, sriracha is where it鈥檚 at.

waste watch

7. Don鈥檛 Waste Time Watch ($16): When the siren call of a lazy weekend starts to sound in the background, this watch will give you a little reminder of the productivity you want to achieve.

llama tank

8. Como Se Llama Tank ($30): Tex-mex brunch? This tank is absolutely priceless for such an occasion. The overall white color means it鈥檒l match excellently with almost everything, so there鈥檚 no thinking involved when coming up with a brunch outfit.

late tee

9. Sorry I鈥檓 Late Tee ($24): Yikes. But really, it happens to the best of us. And after a great night out with your gal pals, it鈥檚 even more likely to occur during the following morning鈥檚 brunch date. The mere existence of this tee means you鈥檙e not the only one struggling with timeliness.


10. Kale Tee ($20): This expertly spells out our thoughts about brunch. Express your exuberance through a food pun.


11. Honeycomb Earrings ($17): These beauties are about as gorgeous as it gets. The geo print is to die for, and so is the little nod to the yummy amazingness that is honey.

aviator pug tee

12. Pug Shades Tee ($20): This tee is equal parts adorable and unbelievably rad. It鈥檚 sure to spark conversation with your besties and also with cute strangers.

heart bracelet

13. Heart Bracelet ($20): Tiny, dainty and golden: This little darling is perfect for everyday wear and also ideal for tossing on before brunch for just a bit of subtle style.

concrete fanny

14. Confetti Fanny Pack ($32): Fanny packs are where it鈥檚 at when you don鈥檛 want to have to deal with carrying anything. Just strap your essentials to your waist and off you go, hands-free and carefree.


15. Donuts Tee ($24): Donuts are amazing ALL of the time, but brunch is where they really shine. This tee expresses the out-of-this-world joy that comes from the unstoppable combo of brunch and donuts at the same time.

dot totoe

16. Dot Tote ($52): Anything you need to bring along, this polka dotted dream tote can carry it. Extra H2O? A change of clothes or shoes? A yoga mat? Check. Check. Check. You can head out for brunch and the whole day at the same time with this spacious tote.


17. Brunch Tee ($28): A list of brunch items could never be complete without a tee that simply says it outright.

envy earrings

18. Green with Envy Earrings ($85): Add all the glam you need with these emerald beauties. Toss them on with an all-black ensemble and you鈥檝e got just the right amount of chic style.

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